PS2 OPL THEME (Theme uCit -aka Split Screen) by UniqueUserName 2016-09-29

Boots to "APPS". Art can be 320x480 (exactly 1/2 screen). Theme for CoverArt lovers -UniqueUserName

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by UniqueUserName​

    ( Please Note: All images taken with an old camera, and do not do this theme justice )​

    • Theme for OPL 0.9.3 on the PS2.

      Split Screen.
      Auto-boot to APPS page.
      New APPS Icon.
      New easier-to-see Loading Spinner.
      All non-coverart data has been transferred to the left half of your screen.
      10 SETS of Optional Loading Spinners & an Optional Icon included.
      A full app/game LIST of 20 items.

      Pre-Set-Up 320x480 coverart resolution (exactly ½ of your screen).
      Replaces 140x200 stock resolution (with an average enlargement of 234.25%). Yikes!

      NOTE 1: If your current artwork is less than 320x480 it will be stretched to fill by default... This may not look great on larger TVs... The rule of thumb here, is to use images equal to, or greater than, the stated resolution, and to downsize (resize) to the correct resolution, which will attain the highest resolution currently possible with OPL (THIS theme). :D

      NOTE 2: The above mentioned inconvenience will be moot in the 2.0 version, as all the artwork will be included, with the proper resolution.

    • Version 2.0 isnt ready for release yet, as its still a WIP (Work-In-Progress), but I do plan to release it in the first few months of the New Year... STAY TUNED! ;) :)

      What to expect:

      Higher resoultion coverart for over 1,000 PS2 games.
      Higher resoultion coverart for roughly 1,000 PS1 games.
      Higher resoultion coverart & backgrounds for all the best emulators/apps.
      Pre-Set-Up GAME CFG files.
      Pre-Set-Up APPS CFG file.
      Pre-Set-Up VMC settings for all games that are compatible.
      Many Many MANY other improvements to give you a far better overall OPL experience ( those already listed should be enough to get you wishing :-p ).

      Notes from Uni (UniqueUserName):

      I have been working on this major update since April 30th, and we should see the finished product in the upcoming months... STAY TUNED! :)

    • Ive released a new THEME for use with OPL 0.9.3.

      Before you head for the download button, please read ATLEAST the CREDITS section.
      Thank You.

      Just a bit of back story so you know what youre getting...
      I wanted to make a theme that my 90-year-old Grandmother could VIEW, UNDERSTAND, and MANIPULATE with ease.
      So it had to be just the BASICS, with LARGE pictures, and pre-set-up to BOOT TO APPS PAGE.
      For the record, she does use her PS2 MORE than I use mine.

      So I divised a "SPLIT-SCREEN" approach.

      Basically, the DISPLAY was SPLIT down the middle...
      The game/app COVER-ART was enlarged (from its stored 140x200 size) and now utilizes the entire right half of the screen.
      The left half of the screen simply stores all other normal usage INFOrmation.
      It has a full app/game LIST of 20 items.
      Ive included 10 sets of alternate more visible LOADING-SPINNERS (as well as the original set).
      A new APP icon has been added to replace OPLs letter "A" icon.
      Ive also included an alternate APP icon (as well as the original).

      My pre-set-up OPL_CONF, which is set to boot directly to your APPS screen, is also included (but is OPTIONAL as you do not have to use it.

      WARNING: If it is used, it WILL replace your currents settings and you may have to reconfigure some settings from the OPL GUI).
      Just unzip and copy/move "thm_uCit" folder to your MC0:/OPL folder.
      You may also add them to your internal HDD +OPL partition, however there is a delay (only while booting) before the theme will launch.

      If there is something you do not like about the theme, please check the "alternatives" folders for something more to your liking.

      Please feel free to alter it to your liking... Id love to see what you came up with.

      Im calling it "Theme_uCit" (You-See-It) because if you cant see it, you must be blind, and Id be wondering how youre reading this (or even care what your theme looks like).

      This theme has been thoroughly tested AND has been fully Grandmother APPROVED.

    • [​IMG]


      (If it werent for the following none of this wouldve been possible...)

      @ShaolinAssassin (For creating the only theme available that was exactly what I was looking for from which to make this mod, as well as competent testing of my mod, structure optimizing, and very constructive feedback)

      @sp193 (Pointed me in the right directions throughout this whole process, and suggested that I release this theme to the community)

      @RandQalan (Deserves a Mod-Medal for patience and understanding, while answering dozens of questions at 3 o'clock in the morning)

      @deba5er (For great advice and researching more for me than I have probably done for myself)

      @ElPatas (For originally adding the icons I was searching for)

      @Berion (Created the official OPL icons, which were extracted from source)

      =OPL & OPL-Devs (For their excellent work, and the ability with which to run this theme)

      =Google (Invaluable research tool)

      =Green Android Guy (What my Grandmother thinks of when she hears the word "App"... who doesnt? lol)

      =...saving the best for last...

      =PSX-SCENE & PSX-PLACE (For being the two-BEST-communities around, and their support... THANK YOU EVERYONE!)

      ...and to anyone I missed (however unlikely) please let me know and Ill gladly add to the list...

      Thanks everyone... Please send your feedback...


      -UniqueUserName @ PSX-SCENE.COM @ PSX-PLACE.COM