PS2 PAKer Utility v1.01

Unpacks and creates PAK files

  1. jolek
    PAKer Utility v1.01 - 07\07\2014 by SP193.


    • The PAKer utility unpacks and creates PAK files.
      PAK files are the archive files that are used by the Sony utility discs,
      like the DVD player and HDD utility discs, as well as the PSX update discs.
    • Changelog:
      2014/07/07 - v1.01:
      • Bugfix: fixed memory corruption that occurs when building a PAK archive, as an 8-bit variable was used for indexing.
      • PAKer will now fail and remove the broken PAK archive, if at least one file could not be added successfully.
      • Changed the internal handling structure, so that there will be space for the NULL terminator of the name and ident fields.

      2012/05/05 - v1.00:
      • Initial public release