PS2 PANG Jan 2006

is PS2 port/adaptation of the PANG remake done originally by michel louvet

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    • About

      Pang is a remake of the old arcade ball game Pang!
      Ball are bouncing, when you shoot a ball, it split in two more little ball, more dangerous.
      You must blank the screen to go to next level !

      Pang has been orignally developed by Michel Louvet for PC and Dreamcast.


      • January 12th, 2006
      A little update to fix the protection bonus and a blocking balls bug.

      • January 09th, 2006
      First public version, based on the orignal 1.0 version. Enjoy !

      Enhancements/Modifications :

      - Added Joypad support through SDL
      - cleaned-up/remade sound code (SDL Mixer)
      - Added several flags (all used for the PS2)
      * ENABLE_JOYSTICK : added Joypad support through SDL (original use keyboard only)
      * EMBEDDED_FILES : .wav & .bmp are embedded into the executable ELF
      * USE_VSYNC : orginal version use SDL_Delay()


      michel louvet for sharing it's source code.
      gawd for the SDL library port on the ps2.
      -- evilo 20060112

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