VITA / PS TV pFBA: Portable Final Burn Alpha v1.57

(Multi System Emulator)

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    pFBA: Portable Final Burn Alpha


    The main goals of this final burn alpha port are :
    • have a basic but user friendly user interface on non windows devices
    • use a recent rendering interface for speed and effect support
    • cross-platform and code portability
    • easy updates of fba core (no modifications to the original sources)
    • use arm asm m68k (cyclone) core on arm devices
    Supported devices

    • Linux (sdl1, sdl2)
    • Sony Ps Vita (vita2d)
    • Nintendo Switch (libnx, sdl2)

    • pFBA support console roms (Sega MegaDrive, Sega GameGear, Sega Master System, Nec PC-Engine, Nec TurboGraFX-16, Nec SuperGraFX, Coleco, SG-1000 and MSX). Here is the corresponding folders where roms should be located (as stock fba):
      Sega MegaDrive : "megadriv"
      Sega GameGear : "gamegear"
      Sega Master System : "sms"
      Nec PC-Engine : "pce"
      Nec TurboGraFX-16 : "tg16"
      Nec SuperGraFX : "sgx"
      Coleco : "coleco"
      SG-1000 : "sg1000"
      MSX : "msx"
    • pFBA support title, preview, and icon images in "png" format. Titles goes in the "titles" folder, previews in the "previews" folder, and icons in the "icons" folder. They must have the same filename as the zipped rom, but with a ".png" extension instead ".zip". For consoles images, you need to add the console driver prefix to the image filename ("" image for Sega MegaDrive would be "md_sonic.png").
    • You can enable or disable icon images from the pFBA main menu. A restart is required to enable the changes.
    • data is located at "ux0:/data/pfba"
    • default rom path is "ux0:/data/pfba/roms/"
    • rom path can be changed in "ux0:/data/pfba/pfba.cfg"
    • preview images can be put in "ux0:/data/pfba/previews/rom-name.png"
    • ui: START = general options + default roms configuration
    • ui: SELECT = per rom configuration
    • in game: SELECT+START = menu
    • in game: SELECT+L = saves states
    • in game: SELECT+SQUARE = service switch
    • in game: SELECT+TRIANGLE = 1P+2P switch
    • in game: SELECT+LEFT/RIGHT = change shader
    • in game: SELECT+UP/DOWN = change scaling

Recent Updates

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  2. pfba v1.52