VITA / PS TV pFBA: Portable Final Burn Alpha v1.57

(Multi System Emulator)

  1. pFBA v1.57

    • change ui font
    • change buttons configuration (see readme at
    • add possibility to display icons (32x32 png in the "icons" folder). Can be enabled or disable from pFBA options menu (slow loading time if lot of icons on switch)
    • add titles images support in the "titles" folder (used by default, press L/R to show previews image)
    • fix consoles titles/previews/icons not using consoles prefix
    • fix per rom config applied to all roms...
  2. pfba v1.52


    • VITA: fix wrong input rotation (hopefully)
    • VITA: add sharp-bilinear-simple shader back in
    • PFBA: don't play an audio frame when entering menu/savestates
    • PFBA: reset configuration when updating to a new version (sorry).