VITA / PS TV PkgDecrypt 2016-12-25

Decrypts and Unpacks PS Vita PKG files

  1. kozarovv
    Application can decrypt any vita pkg file, not only signed with psp keys. In bin folder you will find precompiled version with needed dependencies files.


    • In folder where pkg_dec.exe is, push left shift + right mouse button,
    • and select "run command prompt here".
    • In newly opened cmd use command:
    • pkg_dec filename.pkg output_directory
    • example: pkg_dec henkaku.pkg henkaku

    Note: out.bin is the package decrypted and out folder has the files inside of out.bin

    Dependencies (compilation)
    • OpenSSL

    • Proxima - Helped me with doubts about PKG Crypto
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Recent Reviews

  1. atreyu187
    Version: 2016-12-25
    finally I have been waiting for this to be compiled I had another version but lost it somehow
    1. kozarovv
      Author's Response
      I'm making GUI for it, just for learning purposes. So stay tuned. ;)