PS2 PlayStation 2 AIO Project version 1.5.1 (2017)

PlayStation 2 AIO Project is a collection of almost all scene PS2 apps and tools

  1. Berion

    • Welcome, traveller!

      Before yourself you have an image containing all known to me programs for PS2 scene. All releases are repacks, so they have full names and version numbers. All enter keys were changed from unix-based to windows-based in all text files, so the users of Windows and PS2 could read them with no problems. All names of "Readme.txt", "1st_read", "read" etc. files were changed to "readme.txt" or, if there's more than one language version of the readme: "readme_<language code>.txt". Source code was packed to "sources.7z" using LZMA2 with no modifications. Applications for platforms other than PlayStation® 2 were packed, so you need to unpack them before using them (even though some of unpacking applications like WinRAR allows to start application without unpacking the app). Applications for PS2, which were publicised by their authors in non-packed form, gained an "<application name> (packed).elf" suffix.

      All of the applications are completely FREE, based on PS2SDK (including the libraries), so completely legal.

    • You must burn AIO on DVD-R or DVD+R disc (but I recommending -R as those are compatible with all ODD in PS2). I didn't test this by myself but probably the best choice will be DVD+M (DVD M-Disc) if your PS2 can read +R. Don't use DVD-RW, DVD-RAM or any kind of CD.

      AIO is bootable on consoles with modchips but also via boot cd (like i.e. Swap Magic) or even FMCB/ESR. Remember to NOT patch it by any ESR patchers! AIO is designed in a way to boot on ESR and also keep all stuff in UDF (not only just DVD-Video data to trick the Mechacon). If you patch AIO, you can still run it on PS2 but you will lose access to all applications from modern Linux distributions, current macOS, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (because older operating systems don't understand UDF without additional drivers and they read instead ISO9660/Joliet which is not modifying by ESR patchers, so it's stay intact).

      Do NOT launch AIO via Open PS2 Loader. OPL doesn't just mount disc image and run executable from it - it is not that easy in case of PS2. All this magic hacking is not designed to handle homebrew applications - so in general - they are not compatible.

    • You can share AIO to any amount of people, in any way, in any location, using any media carrier, by respecting following rules:

      1. You cannot modify AIO nor any of included documents - with notable note of adding licensed software, pirated software!
      2. You cannot sell AIO, neither as a whole nor parts of it, on any media carrier. AIO is free software, available for everyone and let this be this way.
      3. You cannot add AIO as a whole nor parts of it to the paid services.

    • Thanks goes to:

      • The authors of all applications included in the package.
      • Szczuru and Fera2 (Jolek), for beta tests of AIO.
      • Stefanol, for help in search for diagrams and given modchip producers web sites.
      • Dizzy9 for translation of AIO documentation to the English language.
      • TheheroGAC for translation of AIO documentation to the Italian language.
      • TnA for translation of AIO documentation to the German language.

    Version 1.2 (2013) (MD5 for *.iso: B4A8155811D9716541E36934641E88E1)
    Version 1.3 (2014) (MD5 for *.iso: 8B1EE99792568A4EAB0153B21BC72E07)
    Version 1.5.1 (2017) (MD5 for *.iso: A12C7F61FAB9C89F6244123675F5AFAB)


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