PS2 Playstation 2 External Storage Device games Loader (PS2ESDL) v0.825 (17\05\2014)

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    The Playstation 2 External Storage Device games Loader (PS2ESDL) is a Playstation 2 game loader made by SP193.
    It supports external devices
    (Currently only USB devices with USBExtreme, ISO9660 disc images and it's own PS2ESDL).

    • PS2ESDL guide:
      Setting up and using PS2ESDL

      1. Download the latest copy of PS2ESDL.

      2. Uncompress PS2ESDL.elf and patches.ppi into your USB disk.

      The FAT32 filesystem must be used. NTFS is not supported.

      3. Copy (ISO) to "CD" or "DVD" folder on your USB HDD or
      install your games with a USBExtreme-compatible tool,
      or with PS2DCDMP.

      4. Defragment your disk (Your games should be 0% fragmented).
      • PS2ESDL assumes that your games files are contiguous (Not fragmented).
      • I've been using the Auslogics Disk Defragmenter.
      !!! Do not use the Windows Defragmenter nor Power Defragmenter !!!

      5. Start PS2ESDL and run your games.
      • Use left or right D-PAD to navigate between file formats.
      • Up or down D-PAD to select game.
      • Press either CROSS, CIRCLE or the START button to start a game.
      • Hold any buttons and/or triggers you need to enable the desired compatibility modes, and to set/override the default cache size.
      • If you used PS2DCDMP to install your game, you may still hold the buttons/triggers to set any compatibility modes that were not enabled at install time, and to also change the cache size.
      Options and compatibility modes/performance options:

      Options (Hold while selecting your game)
      • TRIANGLE: Unhook Syscalls (Aka HDLoader's "Mode 3"):
      "Unloads" PS2ESDL after the game is loaded. Some games crash without this option.
      • SQUARE: Force Synchronization.
      Some games that time out when data is being read too slowly need this (E.g. FFXII and Viewtiful Joe).
      • L1/L2/R1/R2 -> 8/16/24/32 cache sizes respectively
      A larger cache size usually means better performance.A cache that is too big can cause your game to crash.Choose only one of them. The default is a 2-sector cache (When no triggers are held).

      How to enable the required mode(s):
      Hold the required combination of buttons/triggers as your select your game.

      Other options/functions:
      • SELECT: Open the options/configuration menu.
      • R1+SELECT: Exit to OSDSYS.
      SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000 consoles are also supported!
      Games that don't work (And/or won't be supported):
      • Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
      Video override for PS2ESDL v0.810 and newer (If you cannot start PS2ESDL because the video mode was not supported by your television):

      Holding either of these when starting PS2ESDL will change the video mode:
      • L1: PAL 50Hz mode
      • R1: NTSC 60Hz mode

    • PS2DCDMP utility:
      • PS2ESDL supports the traditional USBExtreme, ISO9660 disc images and it's own PS2ESDL game format.
      • PS2DCDMP is PS2ESDL's native game installer, and can be found here.

    • Plugins:
      PS2ESDL v0.820 and later supports plugins:

      How to install: Place the plugin into the same place where PS2ESDL is launched from.

      How to use Plugins:
      1. Your plugins should be named as extensionX .plg (Where X is a number from 0 to 3).
      2. Place your plugins into the same folder where PS2ESDL is launched from.
      NOTE: PS2ESDL will load games from the first device it finds games on.

    • Creating and using skins:
      PS2ESDL v0.820 supports skins too.

      How to use skins:
      Place your skin in the directory where PS2ESDL is launched from.
      A skin is made up of:
      1. UI.png - skin image
      2. UI.dat - skin parameter file
      NOTE: Not all skins will have a skin parameter file.

      User-customizable background:

      Place your 640x448 PNG background as either:
      1. mc0:/PS2ESDL/background.png
      2. mc1:/PS2ESDL/background.png
      3. (The place where PS2ESDL was launched from)/background.png
      4. mass:/PS2ESDL/background.png
      • This is also the order in which PS2ESDL will search for a loadable background.
      • If PS2ESDL can't load a background from locations a, b, nor c when it was launched, it'll then only keep trying to load one from d.
      • The background can be smaller in size (It won't be stretched nor centered).
      • The width and height of the background image MUST be divisible by 4.
      • PS2ESDL will not load and display images that exceed a size of 640x448.

      Creating Skins:
      Building a basic skin

      A skin is made up of:
      1. UI.png - skin image
      2. UI.dat - skin parameter file
      These files should be placed in the same folder as PS2ESDL.

      NOTE: Not all skins will have a skin parameter file.
      1. Create your skin. It must have these properties:
      • Resolution: 640x480
      • Must have an alpha channel. (E.g. A8 R8 G8 B8)
      Creating a skin options file (Advanced options)

      With the SkinParaBuild utility, you can create a configuration file to shape PS2ESDL's UI for your skin.

      SkinParaBuild is a Command Line Interface utility.

      Syntax: SkinParaBuild <Optional Parameters> -o<Output file name>

      The output file name has to be UI.dat

      View the included MS-DOS batch file for a working example.

      SkinParaBuild -UIDispX=30 -UIDispY=40 -oUI.datSets the UI display offset to X=30, Y=40
      SkinParaBuild -HideVerNumInGameList=1 -VersionDispX=600 -VersionDispY=450 -oUI.datEnables the Version Number display in the UI, displaying it at X=600 Y=450.
      All optional parameters should be specified in this format: -<parameter>=<value>

      Optional parameters
      UIDispXUI X coordinate
      UIDispYUI Y coordinate
      ScrollBarXScroll bar display X coordinate
      ScrollBarYScroll bar display Y coordinate
      GameListTypeDispXGame list type display X coordinate
      GameListTypeDispYGame list type display Y coordinate
      GameListTypeDispMagGame list type display magnification
      GameListHighlightLenGame list highlight length
      VersionDispXVersion number display X coordinate
      VersionDispYVersion number display Y coordinate
      VersionDispMagVersion number display magnification
      ScrollBarLenScroll bar length
      GameEntryLengthGame entry length
      HideVerNumInGameListHide version number in game list (1=hide it, 0=show it)
      nGamesToListNumber of games to list
      SkinParaBuild v1.00:
      SkinParaBuild v1.00 (Source code):

    • Additional notes:
      1. PS2DCDMP v0.99 supports only the PS2ESDL v1.22 game format!
      2. If you are using an older format (E.g. for PS2ESDL v0.810 and older), please use the upgrader utility.

    • Official PS2ESDL compatibility list:
      PS2ESDL has a game compatibility list. Click Here.

    • Couple skins:

    • Changelog for v0.825:
      - Added the play history updating functionality from FMCB.
       - Refactored some code.
       - Fixed sceCdGetReadPos(), which was returning the number of sectors read instead of the read offset in bytes.
       - Readded the EESYNC module to prevent DNAS games from wiping memory after every IOP reset.
       - Recompiled with the latest PS2SDK, partly for compatibility with the PlayStation 3.

    PicoDrive for the Playstation 2 project homepage:
    Original thread: Playstation 2 External Storage Device games Loader (PS2ESDL).

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