PS2 Playstation 2 Identification Tool 2016-09-29

Allows dumps of a PlayStation 2 consoles ROM chips and MECHACON NVRAM -SP193

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    -by SP193

    • PS2Ident is an identification tool that allows dumps of a PlayStation 2 console's ROM chips and MECHACON NVRAM to be made.
      It will also gather data from the console, for research purposes.

      It has the following features:

      • Dumps ROM chips (BOOT and DVD ROM) as a whole, not according to their contents (rom0, rom1, rom2 and erom)
      • Coloured user interface that is easy to use.
      • Supports dumping to memory cards and USB mass storage devices.
      • Supports multi-languages, which include the 8 supported languages by the PS2
      • Gathers data of all known parts of the PS2.
      • Attempts to automatically match the chip/part name with the version number of the part.
      • Supports all PlayStation 2 consoles, including the SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000, and the PSX (DVR unit).


      Chip and mainboard identification is currently very incomplete and inaccurate, due to a lack of data.
      Sometimes, Sony makes hardware revisions without changing the chip implementation numbers as well, hence why chip identification may be inaccurate.
      The chip and version IDs are, however, accurate since they are taken directly from the hardware.
      Its database, which contains the parts and mainboard data, is managed and updated with the PlayStation 2 Ident DataBase Management System (PS2IDBMS) tool.

      Such a change was made because it wasn't possible to get a complete list of all PlayStation 2 models in existence. With PS2IDBMS, a spreadsheet containing all recorded models can be generated automatically.
      Not to mention that the whole PS2Ident tool would have to be recompiled, whenever model data was added.

    • Changelog for v0.825:

      1. Updated to have the fixed USBHDFSD module.
      2. Replaced the font-drawing system with a new design.
      3. Updated French localization.
      4. Fixed coordinate overflow in font-drawing.
      5. Rebuilt to not have the full kernel OSD patch (PS2SDK update).
      (prevents users of SCPH-10000/SCPH-15000 from being blocked from changing the language setting)

    • Data recorded

      If the database has your console's data in it, PS2Ident will attempt to determine its mainboard model based on:

      ROMVER stringROM version string
      Model nameThe "name" of the console's model.
      EE revisionRevision of the EE chip.
      FPU revisionRevision of the EE chip's FPU.
      IOP revisionRevision of the IOP chip.
      GS revisionRevision of the GS chip.
      MECHACON revision and regionRevision and MagicGate region of the MECHACON
      SPU2 revisionRevision of the sound processor.
      SSBUS I/F revisionRevision of the SS-BUS I/F Controller.
      Model IDUniquely identifies the console's model. Even more accurately than the model name.
      Console model IDAnother (2-byte) version of the model ID. Obtained from the i.Link ID data.
      EMCS IDUniquely identifies the Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Services (EMCS) system that made the console.
      M Renewal DateWhat this represents is unclear. It's something related to the MECHACON (date of firmware build or EEPROM settings update?)
      ADD0x010An ID that is used by the SONY service tools to identify major revisions.
      If your console is not recognized, its mainboard model will appear as "unknown". While it is true that Sony consoles might be physically similar across releases from different territories, I've decided to treat each region's release as being different because I would also want to have a complete list of existing PlayStation 2 models. With such data it is possible to determine what models Sony has released in every terrirory, and at which series did they start at.

    • - Berion (GFX)

      Supported languages and their translation status:

      English (completed)Completed and built-in.
      French*Translated by ShaolinAssassin.
      Spanish (completed)Translated by ElPatas
      German (completed)Translated by Delta_force.
      Italian*Translated by master991.
      Dutch*Translated by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
      Portuguese (completed)Translated by Gillbert.
      * Not updated for v0.824 and newer.

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