PS4 Plissken DooM v4

Doom for the PS4

  1. STLcardsWS

    demo video from my YouTube Channel!​

    • Plissken DooM v4
      Special thanks to @DEFAULTDNB for testing.

      This update includes...

      Plissken DooM v4:
      • You can now fully play shareware Doom1 on PS4
      • Added rest of the map linedefs from Doom shareware campaign
      • Added Baron of Hell
      • and much more!
      Known bugs:
      • Performance drop on level 3
      • Corpses on dynamic sectors might stay hanging in the air
      • Walking between things might push you on top of them
      • AI sometimes walks off the ledges unintentionally
      • Monsters are unable to walk through certain areas, such as a keycard door that is open.
      • This is very noticeable with the pink demons, but applies to all. The reason for this is that heatmap doesn't get updated, or the original calculations were not good enough.