PSP Pokemon Mini- Pokemini 0.5.3 2016-08-22

Pokemon Mini- Pokemini 0.5.3 -JustBurn

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    -by JustBurn

    • Pokemon Mini emulator for the PSP.

    • -: 0.5.3 Changes :-
      Fixed command-line parsing which caused problems with lastest GCC
      Directory '.' no longer listed
      Configurations now save the directory of the last ROM loaded
      Improved support on color PRC (now works on framebuffer and LCD)
      Dreamcast Only:
      Added read/write VMU support
      EEPROM write disabled by default
      Debugger Only:
      Fixed "Add watchpoint at..." in Memory Viewer
      Added symbols list window
      Added run trace window
      Added "Go to cartridge IRQ" with ability to decode the address
      Middle and Right click now set breakpoint/watchpoint
      Go to address/IRQ now highlight the location
      Added autorun .min after load
      Fixed offset of CE jump instructions
      NDS Only: Removed real battery status

      -: 0.5.2 Changes :-
      Opening .minc files now opens the linked .min files
      More accurant PRC timing and triggering
      Minor changes
      Debugger Only:
      Recent ROMs list
      Drag & Drop ROM files support
      Added file association to .min and .minc files
      Moved PRC Counter from Timers Window to Misc. Window
      Added more special registers for printing and controlling the debug output
      Reorganized the menu
      Improved the memory content components
      Added 16-bits memory filler into memory viewer
      All viewers and main window position & size are now saved
      Win32 Only:
      Fixed command-lines and closing code
      Recent ROMs list
      Drag & Drop ROM files support
      Added "Pause when inactive" window option
      Added file association to .min and .minc files

      -: 0.5.1 Changes :-
      Relative files are now launched from current directory
      Fixed notification message display in 32bpp
      Added 50% Scanline LCD filter
      New Tools (Available in Debugger package):
      PokeMini Image Converter
      PokeMini Music Converter
      Debugger only:
      F1 shortcut for documentation
      Improved external launcher
      IRQ Window "Frames in single-row" initialization fixed
      Minimized windows won't be rendered now
      Added "Character Set -> From file..." in Memory viewer
      Added "Memory data" in Memory viewer with Import, Export,
      Copy and Fill operations.
      Win32 Only: Fixed DirectDraw surface pitch

      -: 0.5.0 Changes :-
      Debugger is now complete!
      Reordered menu items better
      Added Dingux platform (Thanks coccijoe for the port src code)
      Fixed issue of sound going out of sync
      Separated piezo filtering (now works with any sound engine)
      Fixed result of SUB instruction with decimal mode
      Fixed PRC rate divider
      Corrected some options in configurations file
      Multicart support
      Made sure shared EEPROM and cfg files are only saved on emulator's
      executable directory
      Added "Sync cycles" option that allow to trade between performance and
      accurancy, higher value can speed up emulation but may cause problems
      Pressing Left/Right while browsing will now page up/down, selecting
      drive is now C+Left and C+Right
      Unofficial colors palette changed (but still backward compatible)
      New zooms: 5x (480x320) and 6x (576x384)
      Loading ROM from ZIP package is now supported
      More palettes and 2 custom ones, they can be edited by pressing A
      Win32 platform is now fixed and updated
      Joystick can now be re-defined in portable devices
      SDL Only: Keyboard can now be re-defined under "Platform..."
      Dreamcast Only: PAL/NTSC can now be selected under "Platform..."
      NDS Only: Added FPS counter and rumble pak level adjustment
      PSP Only: Zoom from 1x to 4x can now be changed under "Platform..."

      -: 0.4.5 Changes :-
      Fixed interrupt flag status after interrupt jump/call
      Added "Generated", "Direct PWM" and "PWM+Filter" sound modes
      Generated - Mode used in slow platforms
      Direct PWM - Same as direct but with ability to play PWM raw sounds
      PWM+Filter - Direct PWM with filtering to simulate PM's piezo speaker
      LCD update now when "dirty" instead of PRC rate counter match
      Unofficial colors information structure changed to lower memory usage
      Support for 4x4 attributes in unofficial colors
      Added "Reload colors info..." to reload the .minc file
      Soft reset now supported, changing rom won't reset clock
      FreeBIOS 1.2: Display status and improved compatibility
      SDL Only: Added joystick support (disabled by default)
      Joystick can be enabled under "Platform..." -> "Define Joystick..."
      SDL Only: Color depth can be changed between 16bpp and 32bpp
      Wiz Only: Fixed crash when sound disabled and added SDL port (wizsdl)
      NDS, Wiz and PSP Only: Battery can be setup to reflect real battery
      Source Only: Added some simplified platforms to help porting

      -: 0.4.4 Changes :-
      Fixed POPA/POPAX timings (thanks asterick).
      Added support to read/write configurations @ 'pokemini.cfg'.
      Load/save state are now working!
      Added support for unshared EEPROM files (Each ROM can have his own EEPROM).
      SDL Only: Zoom can now be changed on the fly under "Platform..."
      Added more options.

      -: 0.4.3 Changes :-
      Some fixes.
      Added zoom support for SDL platform (1x, 2x, 3x or 4x).
      Added Dreamcast platform.
      Fullscreen toggle works now on Windows.
      Added emulated sound support for all platforms.
      Improved UI.

      -: 0.4.2 Changes :-
      Palette support in SDL.
      Rumble now shake the display up & down.
      Added Wiz platform.
      Fixed EEPROM access.
      Fixed signed jump/call instructions.
      Removed load/save state until a problem is solved.
      Added unofficial colors support into games!

      -: 0.4.1 Changes :-
      Minor changes.
      Audio dumping/capture is now WAV format.

      -: 0.4.0 Changes :-
      Complete rewrite, source code seems very portable.
      Added FreeBIOS, a public domain BIOS that try to behave like the real BIOS.
      Added SDL and some platforms.

    • Key A = Circle
      Key B = Cross
      Key C = Shoulder R
      Shock Detector = Shoulder L
      Power Button = Start

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    • Thank's to p0p, Dave|X, Onori, goldmomo, asterick, DarkFader, Agilo, MrBlinky, Wa, Lupin, and everyone at #pmdev on IRC EFNET!