PS2 POPStarter 13, RIP 06

PS1 games launcher

  1. krHACKen

    POPStarter is a launcher which lets you play your PS1 games in combination with $ony’s PS1 emulator for PS2 (known as “POPS” or “SLBB-00001”).
    Unlike the previous POPStarter versions and the proofs of concept, POPStarter r13 does NOT contain the emulator itself or libraries that belong to $ony.
    It is safe to publish in forums/sites that don’t tolerate warez stuff, as long as it’s not repacked with the decrypted emulator files or things like a PS BIOS.

    POPStarter is available for free download.
    If you spent an outrageous amount of money in ordering a HDD that contains preinstalled games and POPStarter,
    Never purchase a physical copy of POPStarter when the “seller” wants more $$$ than the media price and the shipping fees.

    The official POPStarter 13 package doesn't contain anything that belong to $ony.
    It's 100% free of $ony code and can be reposted anywere.
    Please do not post direct links to the POPS binaries (POPS.ELF, POPS.PAK, POPS_IOX.PAK and IOPRP252.IMG)
    in this thread.

    USER GUIDE ! -> POPStarter Wiki with Tool(s) made by ShaolinAssassin <- USER GUIDE !

    Network modules to be inserted into the memory card for a SMB support:
    Official POPStarter thread:
    Latest version (r13_RIP_06) of POPStarter is incompatibility with OPL Daily Builds.
    When POPStarter finds "conf_elm.cfg"\"conf_elmz.cfg" it'll kicks out to the OSDSYS,
    without showing an error.

    If you have this\these file(s), please delete it.