PS2 Power off 13\06\2018

Switches off the PlayStation 2 console

  1. jolek
    New Poweroff ELF by SP193.

    Switches off the PlayStation 2 console.
    This may be used as a menu item to switch off the PlayStation 2 console.
    Original code by belek666.

    Works with latest FMCB\FHDB 1.963.

    Changelog for v1.00
    • Added missing SIF Initialization at boot.
    • Replaced IOP reset with a standard version. Also for compatibility with all PlayStation 2 models.
    • Replaced call to libhdd functions with a direct call to libpwroff's functions.
    Warning: If you have FMCB 1.966 this app is obsolete, because this option + some tweaks has been added to special menu.
    Item is "POWEROFF":

    Poweroff (source + binary):[180613]poweroff.7z.