VITA / PS TV Project Void v0.1.0 (first alpha)

A Homebrew Game (3d Space Shooter) for the Vita / PS TV

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    • Project Void by Akabane87.
      Disclaimer This project is currently Way In Progress and there is no planned release date for now

      Description : This project aims to be a space opera focused on dogfights. The way you build your spaceship using different modules such as engines, canons and so on, will impact the momentum and the whole physics that will make your ship move and react. Any module will have independent resistance and destroying a module will affect the physics of the ship until you repair it.

      Version notes :2017/01/28 - v0.0.1 (pre alpha release for the GekiHen Contest)
      • This version is more like a sandbox where you can only drive a prebuilt ship in an asteroid field and shoot asteroids.
      • This includes temporary features such as drag and dropping asteroids with the touchscreen, a debug menu, and wip controls.
      • Nearly coded from scratch crossplatform Vita/PC(d3d11) engine using the official sony's SDK.
      • Physic engine (native on vita and provided by sony in their SDK)
      • Optimized volumetric fog using FBM Perlin noise.
      • Procedural asteroids geometry and texture (textures are precomputed for faster loading time) using FBM Perlin noise.
      • Single light spot rendering shaders for 3d objects.
      • Tweakable controls with 2 presets (from the debug menu).
      • Tweakable rendering options (from the debug menu).

    • Controls:
      • Left Stick : 3D strafe right/left/up/down
      • Right Stick : ship's orientation
      • Left Trigger : acceleration
      • Right Trigger : shoot
      • Cross : toggle pause+freemove cam/unpause+ship cam
      • Triangle : toggle friction/no friction (ie space inertia)
      • D-Pad : navigate through the debug menu
      • Start : show/hide debug console
      • Select : reset the scene
      • Front Touchscreen : move any physic object of the scene (drag&drop)

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