VITA / PS TV Project Void v0.1.0 (first alpha)

A Homebrew Game (3d Space Shooter) for the Vita / PS TV

  1. v0.1.0 (first alpha release)

    2017/09/03 : v0.1.0 (first alpha release)
    • AIs now use both missiles and standard blaster shots.
    • AIs will completely stop if their generator is destroyed, and will use inertia if the engine recalibration is not possible.
    • Disable canons and thrusters when the generator is destroyed.
    • Make the recalibration button only available when a recalibration is possible.
    • Add a volume balance control for each sound data for balancing the...
  2. Project Void v0.0.4

    2017/08/07 : v0.0.4 (test version)
    - Remove the module disabling when hp < 50%.
    - Add a HUD button for the manual recalibration.
    - Disable the auto recalibration on module destroyed for the player.
    - Change the recalibration time from instant change to 3s continuous change.
    - Add a master control of the engine power.
    - Add energy consumption for the missiles and rebalance power/energy/damages.
    - Add a 3D HUD to the game, displaying gauges for canons and engines, energy, an...
  3. Project Void v0.0.3

    2017/03/19 : v0.0.3 (pre alpha release for the GekiHen Contest)
    - Reduce the max speed allowed in strafe when inertia is not enabled.
    - Add a shoot position calculation for moving objects.
    - Add a target selector and a crosshair on the shoot position of the selected target (touchpad to select a target).
    - Fix a mistake in the volumetric fox slicing.
    - Do not apply smoothed lod transition when transitionning from not visible to visible in term of frustrum culling.
    - [TEMP] Teleport...
  4. Project Void v0.0.2

    - 2017/02/05 : v0.0.2 (pre alpha release for the GekiHen Contest)
    - Add a smooth lod transition.
    - More accurate ribbon trails.
    - Recoded billboard renderer that can now manage correctly Z ordering of semi transparent billboards with different textures.
    - Fix bad projectile collisions on biggest asteroids.
    - Fix a wrong duplication of the light when resetting the scene.
    - Fix the physic damping that was framerate dependant.
    - Use real thruster properties for ship's acceleration and...