PS2 PS1 (PopSTARTER) R13 WIP 05 2016-09-28

The newest stable version to play PS1 Games on PS2 -krHACKen

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by krHACKen

    • Playstation 1 emulator for the PS2.

    • This is the current STABLE build.

      Changelogs will be noted in other versions that will come after this one, however, they should be understood for what those are, as BETA VERSIONS - for testing and comparisons only.

    • This is one of the more complicated emulators to understand and set up...

      So, instead of typing you a whole book here, I would urge you to simply follow the SOURCE LINK at the bottom of this page, to get all the answers which you seek direct from the Source (which provides much documentation and links on various topics).

      Once you get it all set up... this IS one of the better emulators out there, with not only compatibility, but current support as well... Good Luck!

      There are other files you will need to add to this resource, in order to make it work properly... For information on those files that you absolutely need, please follow the above advice and visit the SOURCE LINK.

      ALL information you need should be in the first post.

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