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    PS2 Classic GUI
    by Aldostools & psdev-net Team

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    • PS2Classic GUI is a front-end for the recently released PS2Classic tool developed by psdev-net team. The tool allows to decrypt PS2 Classics for PS3 and encrypt any PS2 to play on PS3 (fat/slim/superslim).


      • Allow you to select ISO or BIN/CUE PS2 game image, and encrypt it to ISO.BIN.ENC file acceptable by PS3.
      • In this mode app automatically ask that you want to add LIMG sector to image, but you can do this also by ADD LIMG button.
      • Also in this mode you can encrypt VMC file to VME accepted by PS2 classics, but you don't have to do this for empty card, app do this while create pkg.


      • Allow you to decrypt official PS2 Classic game (require klicensee), and decrypt files made by ps2classic GUI
      • Decrypt VME memory card to non encrypted VMC file
      • Decrypt Config File included in official and homemade packages

      Make PKG

      • Here you can build PKG with your ISO.BIN.ENC file
      • Also here you will be prompted to add decrypted CONFIG file (cancel dialog if game work without config)
      • You can change custom images and sounds here (ICON0, PIC0, PIC1, SND, etc.) for your pkg
      • Change title displayed in XMB

      TIP: Now you can convert your PS2 ISOs to PKG directly from Windows Explorer: Go to "Options" set the output mode to Package File, set a default path and enable Shell Integration.

    • Changes in 2.1:

      • Fixed small error with Decrypt/Encrypt button
      • Added Config file support
      • Added Config files to rar archive from ManaGunZ repository

      To make a PKG, simply select the ISO.BIN.ENC and the optional CONFIG file from the CONFIGS folder (included in the rar).
      The tool will auto-encrypt the CONFIG file and include it in the PKG next to ISO.BIN.ENC.
      If the game doesn't require a CONFIG, just cancel the dialog and the PKG will be made without it.

      Changes in 2.0:

      • New tab for creation of PS2 packages with custom icons and background. (drag & drop or open any image and the program will create the images in the proper size)
      Tip: Put custom images (ICON0, PIC0, PIC1, SND, etc.) in the folder PS2Covers for auto selection by title id during the PKG creation.

      Changes in 1.7:

      • Solves some issues with the file associations.
      • Verifies if the file system accepts the file size (>4GB) and if there is enough free space.
      • Improved the LIMG segment detection/patching before the encryption.
      • Added option to auto rename the PKG to title name + [title id], instead of the content id as name.

      Changes in 1.6.1:

      • Added shell integration to .BIN and .ISO file extensions
      • New options to set default output mode and default path
      • Auto creation of PS2ISO folders (output mode PS2ISO)
      • Auto creation of Package files (output mode Package File)
      • Auto-detected game title now can be selected/copied

      Changes in 1.3:

      • Added support for the VMC/VME commands.
      • Added /? to display the command line syntax.

      Changes in 1.2:

      • Fixed the patch that writes the new image size and image type in the LIMG header.
      • Now displays the 16 bytes of the LIMG header when the image is opened.
      • Now allows to add the LIMG sector to the end of image.
      • Changed the GUI to a "tabbed look".

      Changes in 1.1:

      • Added support for drag & drop and command line interface (CLI) -> pass the full path of the image as parameter.
      • Added support for auto decryption if a PKG is selected or passed as parameter.
      • RAP files are auto copied to the RAPS folder if they are present in the same folder of the PKG or in a "exdata" folder
      • Pad verification (for multiple of 0x4000) now asks if you want to add the required padding when needed.
      • Image type (CD or DVD) is now detected and displayed on the GUI
      • Added option to patch the image with the file size and image type (CD or DVD)
      • The program looks for the LIMG header in the offset (File Size - 0x4000), and changes the 4 bytes size (in big endian format) to:
      • (Image Size - 0x4000) \ 0x800 for DVD and sets 8th byte to 1. Bytes 15-16 are set to 08 00
      • (Image Size - 0x4000) \ 0x930 for CD and sets 8th byte to 2. Bytes 15-16 are set to 09 30

    • Since version 2.1 PS2 Classic GUI support building packages with CONFIG files. Included repository of configs can be confusing, so here is small explain of folder structure

      • GX - Configs extracted from emulator used in semi BC consoles. Very good compatibility with games.
      • SOFT - Configs extracted from software emulator that Sony prepared for us before they realized that they can resale game again as classic. If config exist here, and in GX folder, you should probably select GX one. Soft one will be outdated, but if config exist only here, then select and try it.
      • NET - Configs extracted from official PS2 Classics from PS Store, best compatibility as configs are created for emu we are currently using
      • CUSTOM - Configs made by scene contributors, you can find here some configs for rare games.

      ORIGINAL - Here are files for CFW only, and they don't work on HAN hacked PS3.
      • |-- GX - read description above
      • |-- SOFT - read description above
      • |-- NET - read description above
      • |-- CUSTOM - read description above
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