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  1. Release V1.0.0.10

    The Darkprogramer
    Hey Guys
    For those of you who do not follow me on twitter.
    i have updated my PS2 Classics Gui to v1.0.0.10
    this includes the new UI everyone was exited about and some major support for mutli iso's
    if you have installed the base version as instructed here
    your application should ask you for an update when you start it from...
  2. [Release] PS2 Classics

    The Darkprogramer
    Hi Guys

    i have updated my application added some small bug fixes and added better support for multi iso's

    enjoy the new settings and boot logo

    Application will auto update when you start the application :P
  3. [Release] PS2 Classics v1.V1.0

    The Darkprogramer