PS2 PS2 CNF v0.1

A little tool for reading and creating SYSTEM.CNF

  1. jolek

    A little tool for reading and creating SYSTEM.CNF, mostly used for homebrew from disc.

    The "Read" section is pretty simple as for the "Create" section,
    in ELF: just type the name of the elf with proper names,
    or in other simple words the name of the ELF to be loaded.

    NOTE: DO NOT ADD BOOT2 or ;1 and the end, PS2 CNF adds them for you.
    VER is usually a number, does not matter too much , if you are not sure just write 1.00

    And in Vmode you only have 3 options pick one.
    Then click save, and you are done.

    The 4 line on the SYSTEM.CNF is also added.

    Install .Net framework if you get any errors.