PS2 PS2 Coverart Collection (from currently-uncompleted uCit-2.0-Project) Max Resolution for OPL 0.9.3 2017-08-30

Over 1,000 PS2 Game Covers for half-screen-max-resolution coverart (257 MB DL) -UniqueUserName

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    -by UniqueUserName​

    ( Please Note: Above image is taken from Theme uCit 1.0 and with an old camera...
    It does not do this theme justice, nor does it show any of the CoverArt for this release)​

    • Maximum Allowable Resolution Game CoverArt for over 1,000 PS2 Games.

      For use with OPL 0.9.3 and Theme uCit (aka Split Screen)... to get the best possible coverart resolution when viewing your game covers at half of the OPL screen, or even can be used with the default 140x200, if you prefer your art TINY lol. :)

      I included my Alpha-Testing-Center, so you can view all of the artwork in OPL, without even having a single game. [​IMG]
      If you would like to know how that works, please read the included/listed ReadMe (its in the "Simulated" section).


      -UniqueUserName @ PSX-SCENE.COM @ PSX-PLACE.COM

    • - ALPHA/BETA ReadMe -

      It is currently 04/27/2016, and I have just released Theme uCit 1.0 yesterday... Already I have started to put together a very complicated list of all the updates I would like to add in the next release... Basically, 20+ mini-projects to complement the main project... If youre reading this, then Ive actually accomplished what I set out to do, and I hope you will have as much "fun" testing my work, as Im sure about to have putting it all together over the next several months...

      Thank you for being part of what I believe will eventually be every PS2-modders dream come true! You Rock!!



      This is the FULL-Beta-Setup (that I actaully used myself for the Alpha version), and I will now be sharing it for your pleasure... As I previously thought, the zip is way too large to upload on any site I frequent, so I will be searching for a good site tonight... Please give me your honest harsh/kind opinions of this.?! I will not take offense I promise.

      I am also including the CURRENT-Theme uCit 2.0-OPL-CFG-W.I.P., which is different (albeit much improved) than my previous 1.0 release, which is currently available on site... The loading-spinners (default or alternatives) currently included remain unchanged in this package, but Ive also included some of the app-icons I was playing around with just recently (I wont know whether or not they will be included in the actual 2.0 release until that time comes)... The frontend I hope you like better than the original, but please let me know if anything doesnt look right on your screen, as Im currently only testing on a Toshiba 55" LED HDTV (48" width-wise viewing area), and some things were simply moved farther outwards to improve separation of items for clarity... The Theme and CoverArt look amazing on my screen however (compared to where it all started, and how ugly 140x200 CoverArt looked-when-stretched-to-320x480).

      Some of the process involved...
      All the art included was obtained one-by-one through Google-Image-Searches-ONLY, and by me personally... Only resolutions much higher than OPL can display were downloaded and manipulated... However, at least one-hundred times, I was forced to search again for better (but lesser resolution) art, as the higher resolutions sometimes looked like absolute garbage when diplayed through OPL (on my TV with component cables)... And to be perfectly honest, I will always prefer a duller but smoother image to over-sharpened/dot-festival/black-blotchy-area/over-corrected ones... Always... So, after searching for (and downloading) them all, basically all the art was eventually cropped for best contents, resized (down-sized) down to 320x480 = width by height (which was the maximum resolution I could force OPL 0.9.3 to display on exactly 1/2 the screen in 480p/i @60Hz, as I couldnt test PAL [email protected] on my display)... Then each artwork file was renamed to match with all the GameIDs (in their correct format) from the list of VMC-Tests which people around the USA & Europe performed for me this past year... There were other steps too, but those were the basics before I had to figure out how to put together the ATC, or Alpha-Testing-Center (so I could view them ALL in OPL without access to all those games, which I just simply dont have lol)... Please note, I had to re-get and redo this whole process on roughly 85% of these, which were already previously completed, along with the PS1 art as well (after a backup-malfunction back in ~October)... The PS1 stuff is still not completely redone yet (about 80% of it is however, sooo ummm, coming soon)... Everything was done one-by-one, by hand, and NOT downloaded in bulk from some artwork-site lol, so I hope this is worth it to someone other than myself. :)


      - N O T E S (for Beta) Specific to PS2 CoverArt -

      To use, simply move out the folders and files currently in your setup (that MATCH the names of the folders and files in my "OPL" folders) to a safe location, and replace them with mine. ;)

      T E R M S:

      Simulated =
      You do not need any games in your setup at all, to view ALL this PS2 CoverArt in OPL 0.9.3...
      (you will not need to rename, or do anything further, to view them properly)
      This is the setup I used myself in Alpha-tests, as sadly, I only own a little over 1/10th of the games listed.

      Physical =
      If you have games to test with...
      (you will have to ensure the GameIDs of my files do indeed match your installed games IDs, to view them properly)
      Only renaming (the non-matching IDs in my files, when applicable), needs to be done for them to appear in OPL 0.9.3.

      Alternative =
      Alternate "options" for displayed items/icons while in the Theme uCit-OPL frontend...
      For example, if you dont like the look of the Loading-Spinner I modified and prefer (set to default), you can simply swap out its files (with any of the alternative folders files, or the original OPL default one, which I also included) and it will appear in the same location with the different graphics of your choosing...
      I modified ten of them, for varied possible preferences and looks.
      I also changed the default App Icon, but have included the OPL-original, as well as alternates for that also.

      U S A G E:

      Simply choose one of the two "!" folders to work with (at a time), and replace whatever is necessary in your setup (as described above)...
      Ive set the folder structure to be intuitve, and as natural as I could make it (my 90 year old Grandmother understands it, so you should have no problems setting this up).

      After folder-setup is complete, boot/launch OPL 0.9.3, and everything should appear without issue.


      Thanks and Credits to the ENTIRE previous/current OPL Development Staff for all of their exceptional work!!
      And especially to Berion (for whom I am now releasing this "pre-release package" from the currently-uncompleted "Theme uCit 2.0 Project").

      Thanks to...
      @deba5er (For Alpha-Testing this release)

      @atreyu187 (For Alpha-Testing this release)

      @Berion (For creating the official OPL icons, which were extracted from source)

      @ElPatas (For originally adding the icons I was searching for)

      =OPL & OPL-Devs (For their excellent work, and the ability with which to run this theme and coverart)

      =Google (For simply being totally invaluable)

      =Green Android Guy (What my Grandmother thinks of when she hears the word "App"... whom doesnt? lol)

      ...saving the best for last...

      =PSX-SCENE & PSX-PLACE (For being the two-BEST-communities around, and for their support... THANK YOU EVERYONE!)

      ...and to anyone I missed (however unlikely) please let me know and Ill gladly add to the list...

      Thanks everyone... Please send your feedback...


      -UniqueUserName @ PSX-SCENE.COM @ PSX-PLACE.COM

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