PS2 PS2 Linux Live DVD Version 3

Linux Live DVD for Playstation 2.

  1. jolek

    • This is a Linux Live system for the Sony Playstation 2.
      You need to start kloader.elf from the DVD to run Linux.
      If you used kernelloader before, you need to delete the file:
      mc0:/kloader/config.txt or plug out the memory card.

      Can be launched with\without modchip.

      This distribution works with PAL, NTSC, DTV and VGA.
      DTV or SVGA is not auto-detected and need to be configured.
      First you need to stop the auto boot by pressing a button and holding it down (e.g. UP button).
      The video mode in kernelloader can be changed with the L2 and R2 buttons
      on the first PS2 pad (or - and + on the USB keyboard with US layout).
      PAL, NTSC, VGA and DTV is included in the selection.
      After mode change you should restore default configuration in the load menu to get the correct kernel command line auto configured.

      The Linux distribution is based on the Linux distribution from Deba5er which was based on Blackrhino.
      Thanks to Deba5er for his work.
    • You need only to download one file.
      You should know if you have modchip.
      If you don't know what a modchip is, you probably doesn't have one,
      so you need to download the "no_modchip" version.
      PAL and NTSC is the format of your TV.
      If you don't know what you have, you can look at the cover of a game which is working your PS2.
      It is printed on the front cover in the upper right corner.
      The small and large version have the same features if you just want to use it.
      The large version contains the source code,
      additional packages and a image with FreeDOS for the PC emulator Bochs.
      The additional stuff is only usable if you have advanced knowledge.
      You can extract the archives with p7zip.
      The archives contain ISO files.
      You can burn it with your favoured DVD burning program.
      The DVD contains a readme file for additional information.
      If you don't have a modchip, you need to start the program KLOADER.ELF from the DVD.
      You can use uLaunchELF which can be installed with FMCB.
      You may need to copy KLOADER.ELF to a PS2 memory card or an USB stick.
    • The changes in this version are:
      - Bochs (PC emulator)
      - Windowmaker (Graphic User Interface)
      - Firefox
      - vncviewer
      - p7zip (command line tool)
      - lame
      - ps2fdisk_0.9-3
      - mpg123 - Updated YouTube script which should work with all videos.
      - EyeToy Webcam - Support for slim PSTwo v12/v13 (v14 and higher was already working)
    • Installing PS2 Linux on Hard Disc:

    • PS2 Linux 3.8 by Maximus32:

      Juhutube: YouTube Player for the PS2!:

      NetSurf 3.1:

    More info, source: