PS2 PS2 Patience 31-10-2003

is a game of patience (or solitaire if you will) for the PS2,

  1. kozarovv
    PS2 Patience

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    • A real crappy game for the PS2, entered for round #19 of TheThirdCreation.
      (c) TyRaNiD 2003

      Put simply is it a game of patience (or solitaire if you will :P) for the PS2,
      it is mainly a tech demo to show a USB mouse in operation.
      If you dont know how to play this game, well, you aint been around computers
      very long.

      Only thing to say is double clicking an open card will put it on the ace piles
      if it will go. The pack is a single draw type cause I hate 3 card :P
      Click DEAL to start the game, its that simple :)

      Oh you will need a USB mouse mind.
      This will work on pukklink _and_ naplink, and has been tested on an old jap PS2 and a PAL PS2. This game will kill naplink, forcing a manual reset of the PS2.
      This is because it seems impossible to get Naplink and other USB irxes working together, so I just reset the iop :P This does not affect pukklink/ps2link users however.