PS2 PS2-Racer 20-06-2006

This is a simple 3D racing game.

  1. kozarovv

    • This is a simple 3D racing game, it'll eventually be something close to a clone of mario kart mixed with micro machines.
      This release, even though for a competition entry, should be considered ALPHA.

      There are _ALOT_ of features that have been cut out so I could "finish" ontime, these features will be added later.
      Basicly all you do is drive around and try to beat your best lap times (C: is current lap, B: is best). With more players you do the same, but hopefully against each other.
      You NEED to use a new version of ps2link, this came uses xsio2man and xpadman!

      If you're on an old japanese system, you'll need to provide some IRXs.
      I'll be releasing the source at some point in the near future.
      Have fun, and please send me any comments!
      --James Lee ([email protected])

    • Magic buttons

      Holding L1+R1+L2+R2+Start+Select on any pad will exit back to the main menu instantly.
      Holding Start+Select on the first pad will dump a screen shot to host:.
      Holding Select while moving the analogue sticks will change the lighting.


      The game will always try to load irxs from the system path (host:) first.
      If it can't load modules, and a BIOS version is availible it'll try that.
      The BIOS version of LIBSD is broken, so it's never tried.
      For pads:
      For sound:
      freesd.irx | libsd.irx
      All distributed IRXs are open source from


      default: auto
      Change the default video mode.
      default: host:Resource/
      Change where the game looks for resource files (textures/models/etc)
      default: host:
      Change where the game looks for user (non-BIOS) IRXs.
      default: error
      Change output level, debug will output alot of data, error will only output errors.

      • The engine _WILL_ leak memory after each game->menu->game cycle, it's only a few kilobytes, but excessive play may cause a crash. (If this does happen to you, I suggest getting out more)
      • No mipmapping (ran out of time) so textures are a bit flickery
      • Cars handle badly (no time to research/implement real physics)
      • Smashing into walls acts weird, sometimes the car sticks to the wall (see above) (If you don't like it, don't crash into the walls!)
      • Models look like hell (didn't have nearly enough time to spend doing art)
      • Sounds sometimes don't play (sound engine detects ENDX incorrectly)
      • Three player mode is flakey.
      • Four player mode will only run at 25fps/30fps and look like hell in the process. (Guess why)
      • The screenshot code isn't reliable.
      • The initial loading time is incredibly bad.
      • The loading screen is low resolution.
      • Cogs on menu background lack antialiasing.
      • Menu code doesn't skip disabled entries properly.
      • Can't change video mode on the fly.
      • DUAL SHOCK BLEW MY PS2S PAD BUS FUSE!!! (but probably because it was the wrong fuse, so don't worry that much)
      • "Music" is too short (ADPCM streaming from host currently SUCKS)
      • Using a non-dualshock2 pad may cause weirdness, don't do it!
      • The wheels on the cars don't rotate!
      • Some aspects of the game are framerate dependant still.

    • Credits

      Game, engine, library code and bad coder art by James Lee ([email protected]).
      ps2sdk and compiler toolchain from
      Music and sound effects are from or, all samples were licensed as redistributable freeware.
      Sony for their great PlayStation2 hardware, the PS2 Linux kit, Collada file format, and great support for small guys! (Especially Sarah Ewen, Colin Hughes, Steven "Sauce" Osman, Lionel Lemarié)
      A metric tonne of much appreciated help from Morten "sparky" Mikkelsen, and everybody at IOI for letting him waste so much time on IRC.
      Lots of help from people on #[email protected] (Oobles, Drakonite, Neovanglist, ooPo, adresd, emoon, chip, TyRaNiD, cactuz, mrbrown, and everybody else)
      Lots of help from people on #[email protected] (Cashimor, d123, myrkraverk, and everybody else)
      Lots of help and constructive criticism from my friends and family (James Ranoe, Anton MacMinn, Kris Thomas, and everybody else)
      People who support the gold operating system project, for listening to my endless rants about graphics programming (Justin Hibbits, Adam Martin, Boris Buegling, Jonathan Jekir, Roel Neefs, Jenna Crivello and everybody else) for sponsoring the Fourth Creation Game Competition which will hopefully bring much needed life to the PS2 scene.
      Everybody else who's helped me who I forgot to mention (sorry)!


      This game is written using ps2kit, it is the first program released using this library.
      ps2kit and related tools will be released soon on and


      You may redistribute this game in an UNMODIFIED state, you do not have permission to distribute a modified version.