PS2 PS2Mame 0.5

It's a very simple port of MAME v0.37B16 to PS2.

  1. kozarovv


    • PS2Mame v0.5

      0.5 - A prof of concept demo
      Well.. guess you all can guess what this is? It's a very simple port of
      MAME v0.37B16 to PS2. Not optimized or with any fancy gui or

      NOTE: This is only a alpha/tech demo. Don't call me and cry for
      help/features/sound/etc.. It will not run all games! Or, it will most
      likely try to run them, but they will not work or run veery slow.
      It runs old '80s games pretty well. It runs into performance trouble on
      some late 80's games. Though I've only tried a handful of games. Haven't
      tried MAME before I started this project, and found it more impressive
      than really fun.
      I won't fix any bugs or improve it. Been there done that, time to spend
      time on more useful stuff.
      Someone else will probably release a better version later.

    • This version only works from naplink WORKING ALSO FROM CD//kozarovv, since it will use it's HOST: file
      system to load the gamelist and roms. You could try and burn it on a cd,
      if you need another coaster for you party.

      The system must be setup like this:
      1. The file 'HOST:gamelist.txt' should contain the name of the games available, one rom on each row. It's the rom name rather than game name (i.e. 'gng' and 'fshark' instead of 'Ghost and goblins' and 'Flying shark'). Maximum number of games is 30!
      2. The roms should be placed in a directory accessable by 'HOST:roms/'. It can unzip zip-files, so just throw in the roms folder.
      Note that it's better to unzip large games, since RAM is limited and unzipping eats some mem. Unzipped games should be in 'roms/gamename' (e.g. HOST:roms/pacman/)

      * One can type 'OK' by pressing LEFT then RIGHT.
      * 'R2' gives you credits. 'Start'.. well, take a guess.
      * It might work to press 'L3' (Esc) to quit the current game and return to
      the game selector. Though the next game might throw up on you. You've
      been warned.
      * Disabling FM emulation (music), or even all sounds, might help slow
      games run at full speed. Sound is awful anyway if frames are skipped.
      * Only NTSC supported. Live with it.
      * Only one pad is supported. See above.
      * It looks for libsd in rom0. Sorry .jp owners.

    • Credits:

      Big thanks to Sjeep, for writing and releasing his pcm sound stuff.
      And a big No ThankZ goes to whining site owners with no clue.