PS2 ps2rdmod 1.01

Program that allows you to automatically apply PCSX2 patch files (.pnach) to your CD/DVD games

  1. jolek

    ps2rdmod is a program for your PS2 that allows you to automatically apply PCSX2 patch files (.pnach) to your CD/DVD games.

    ps2rdmod requires no user interaction and is usually silent (black screen) - text is printed the first time a game is run or when an error occurs.

    How to use it
    • Extract and copy the contents of the ps2rdmod zip file to a new directory on either a USB thumb drive or your PS2 memory card (using a program like uLaunchELF)
    Adding patches
    • Copy the .pnach files for your games into the PNACH directory within the ps2rdmod folder on your thumb drive or memory card
    Starting a game with patches applied
    • Insert the game disc and run ps2rd.elf

    General FAQ
    • "What's the compatibility like?"
      For most games everything works automatically - however some games require mastercodes that cannot be automatically determined - the cheats.txt file included with ps2rdmod contains mastercodes for several games known to not work with automatic analysis:
      • Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (NTSC)
      • Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PAL-UK/FR)
      • Red Dead Revolver (NTSC)
      • Destroy All Humans (NTSC)
      • Destroy All Humans 2 (NTSC)
    • "Can I use this with GSM?"
      Yes! GSM compatibility is fixed in version 1.01.
    • "Can I use this with OPL?"
      ps2rdmod is not meant to be used with OPL.
    • "Are there any other relevant changes from normal ps2rd?"
      Other changes to ps2rdmod include improved USB support (replaced usb_mass.irx with usbhdfsd.irx), a packed ELF (smaller size) and a higher cheat limit (500 instead of 100).
    • "Can I use this like normal ps2rd?"
      Yes! The standard ps2rd UI can be enabled by setting "auto = false" in ps2rd.conf (although this disables all extra ps2rdmod functionality).

    How it works
    ps2rdmod adds automatic mastercode determination and CRC calculation to ps2rd which is why it requires no user interaction.

    The files cheats.txt and crc.txt are updated to store mastercodes and CRCs so that analysis only needs to happen once per game (boot times are pretty fast).

    PNACH cheat codes are loaded *in addition to* cheat codes found in cheats.txt.

    Update 1.01 fixes GSM compatibility

    1.01 - Current
    1.00 - Initial Release