PS3 PS3 4K PRO MOD v2.0

Give Your XMB a Fresh New Look.

  1. LuanTeles

    ✮ What is Ps3 4K Pro Mod?

    It's a Collection Of Mods that Changes the PS3 System Look:

    - PS4 Boot Sounds
    - PS4 GameBoot Sounds
    - PS4 XMB Sounds
    - PS4 PS Store Icon
    - PS3 4K Pro Boot Logo
    - PS3 4K Pro GameBoot Logo
    - PS3 4K Pro System Texts
    - PSP Wave Background
    - PSP Colors Background
    - PSP System Colors
    - Added Facebook Icon under Network
    - Added Reboot Icon under Users
    - Added PS3 4K Pro Theme under Themes
    - Added 2160p Resolution Option in Output Resolutions.
    - Added PS3 4K Pro Logo in About Game Options
    - Added PS3 4K PRO in System Credits
    - Added Boost Mode
    - Added Side Menu Animations
    - Added Buttons Animations
    - New Battery Level Indicators
    ~(Full = Green, Half = Yellow, Weak = Orange, Empty = Red)
    - New Controller Indicators
    ~(1 = Red, 2 = Blue, 3 = Green, 4 = Yellow)
    - New Notification Background
    - New Icon for PSN
    - New Icon for Throphies
    - New Icon for Online Folder
    - New Icon for My Games
    - New Icon for File Manager
    - New Icon for RetroArch XMB
    - New Icon for Pkg Launcher
    - New Icon for PSP Launcher
    - New Icon for MultiMan
    - Translated Debug Options for All Languages
    - Translated System Reboot for All Languages
    - Priority Apps Bubbles

    ✮ How to Install ?

    - Just Install the PKG File and Launch It


    ★ How to Unistall ?

    - Just Launch the PKG file and Choose Backups and Restore

    Download Links:


    English and Other Languages

    * Notes

    - To See the Homebrews New Icons You Need to Have RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman Installed, not included in the Mod.

    - Set Priority for RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman after Installing will be Located in File Manager -> Package Manager -> Downloaded Content.

    - After The Installation Go to System -> Themes and Apply the PS3 4K Pro Theme.

    - It includes Lastest Webman MOD Enabled by Default, so if you use another Plugin to load your games, you need to reinstall it.

    - It is not compatible with CCAPI in DEX Mode, CEX works fine



    - Added Animated :but x::but cir::but square::but tri:Buttons.
    - Added Animations in Side Menus.
    - Added Boost Mode.
    - Added New Theme With Icons.
    - Added Alphabetical Sorting to GameData.
    - Fixed CFW 4.82 PS2 Playback Error.
    - Add PSP Colors Background
    - All PS3 Rco's Texts changed to PS3 PRO/4K.
    - All PS Store Rco's Images Changed to the New One.
    - And Others Minor Changes.
    - PS3 4K PRO 4K Remade.
    - Added XMB Texts PS3 4K PRO for the PS3 4K PRO Mod.
    - Added Reboot System Option (Translated for All Languages) under Users XMB Category.
    - Rebuild the Mod as a PKG.
    - Support for CFW 4.82
    - Fixed PRO size in PS3 PRO/4K Coldboot and Gameboot.
    - Improved About Game Side Menu PS3 PRO/4K Logo.
    - Some Modifications in File Manager.
    - Themed Multiman PS3 PRO/ 4K.
    - Added Facebook Icon under Network Category.
    - Added Xai Plugin by Misys to make some custom functions to work.
    - Added Epilepsy Warning Screen back to Rebug (Optional and for OFW look).
    - Added Photo Gallery support in Debug mode.
    - New Battery Metter Icon for Bluetooth Devices. "Colored (Default) and White (Alt.)"
    ~(Full = Green, Half = Yellow, Low = Orange, Empty = Red)
    - Added new colors for controller identifier.
    ~(Control 1 = Red, Control 2 = Blue, Control 3 = Yellow and Control 4 = Green)
    -Removed Quick SignUp icon.
    - Some Minor Fixes.
    - Improved XMB PSN icon quality for Higher Screen Resolutions.
    - Improved and Redesigned Notifications Background.
    - Improved and Redesigned Battery Level Background.
    - Improved and Redesigned Help Text Background.
    - Side Menu about Game Logo changed from Default PS3 Logo to PS3 PRO Logo.
    - Some Changes in PS3 PRO Theme.
    - New Alt. PS4 Style CoolBoot
    - Smoother Transition in XMB Wave changes.
    - Detailed RCO Mods for those who is looking for a specific MOD not the entire mod.
    - Added Two Altenative Gameboot Wave Colors (Separated Folder).
    - Now PS3 4k Pro is a Entire New Folder.
    - Changes in the Backrground Wave
    Now it starts with the Defaut one changes to PSP one in xmb
    and then it changes back to default in gameboot (Previously in gameboot the wave disappears) ( smooth transitions)
    and some changes in the Particles (Previously all particles are white, now are some red,blue and green)
    - Add a alt PS3 4K Gameboot (Separated Folder)
    - Add a alt PS3 4K Coldboot (Separated Folder)
    - Fixed Bugs ( Category_Game.xml and Freezes changing Themes/Switching Users)
    - New My Games Icon
    - New XMBM+ 2K17 Icon
    - New Amazing RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman Icons
    - Some Little Changes on Notifications (PS3 PRO Theme and Syste_plugin.rco)
    - Some Changes in ColdBoot
    - Alternative Gameboot PS3 4K PRO LOGO
    - Alphabetical Order in Game Column with All Language Translation in Side Menu
    - *New Trophy Icon ( InGame, Friends Trophies)
    - New Official PS Store Icon introduced on PS4 OFW 4.70
    - New PSN Icon (XMB, InGame, Signing)
    - Sysconf PS3 to PS3 PRO entrys
    - Online Folder New Icon
    - XMBM + 2K17 by Berion Updated Links and Translation to PT-BR as users requested
    - Default What's New Icon and Some Translations for Webman Lauchpad by DeViL303
    - Included Priority Pkgs as some users requested
    - Resized Pro Logo in GAMEBOOT to fit better
    - Dev_hdd0 custom RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher
    And Multiman ICONS like folders, to fit better the XMB
    - PS3 PRO Coldboot
    - PS4 Boot Sound
    - PS4 XMB Sounds
    - PS3 strings changed to PS3 PRO
    - Some Custom Icons
    - PS3 PRO Gameboot
    - PS4 Gameboot Sound
    - PSP Wave Background


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Recent Reviews

  1. Tanju42
    Version: v2.0
    Installed on 4.84 Rebug CEX with CCAPI installed and every app i start goes black and frezzes my PS3

    Very nice homebrew but so i can not do anything
  2. abraaor
    Version: v2.0
    Amigo, preciso da solução, instalei no meu ps3 rebug 4.82.2 dex. não sabia que não era compatível quem me indicou não falou esse detalhe agora o multiman e meus jogos não funciona mais.
    O que devo fazer? preciso que volte ao normal faz mais de uma que está.
    Se possível deixe o passo a passo sou novo no PS3.
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Espero que ja tenha solucionado :P

      Mas se não é so reinstalar o firmware pelo recovery menu, passa algum normal como o FEROX pois o Rebug não instala pelo recovery, depois quando bootar instala o Rebug normalmente e pronto.
  3. adamych2005
    Version: v2.0
    Nice mod boi,can you run it using HAN?
  4. Y0shimari0
    Version: v2.0
    It looks amazing, but it broke launching of anything, and i cant fix it, and unlike everyone else, im on cex and it broke...
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Reinstall firmware in recovery mode, tell me which Firmware are u using, plugins and homebrew
  5. Anonymous
    Version: v2.0
    when i hold the power button and it shows the menu with the quit game and turn off controller stuff while in game the x and o buttons do not have animations

    and how do i change the logo for the trophies?
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Which Firmware? And are you sure u didnt flash another mod that overrides the impose.rco? because it was meant to be animated, and the icon for throphies u need to apply the theme. Because it is hardcoded in the icon file, but it doent support any colour just Transparent ones, so the workaround is applying the theme, just for the icon
  6. UnchartedKnight
    Version: v2.0
    Menu jogos appears on the xmb replacing webman i have the mod downloaded in english can you pls chang that

    Also can you pls somehow make the ps4 coldboot option to be more fluent and smooth and not just be an overlay
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      You can easily change the language under Webman menu, and yeap i will make a ps4 one better, but no time now, i'm having some work on android scene, give me 1week or so
  7. PS3droidius
    Version: v2.0
    Hi man, just downloaded ur awsome ps3 pro mod theam, i love it but it is a bit bugy. i dont judge u that ur a bad programer or something like that :)

    anyway i installed it on my latest rebug, 4.82.2 and it fucked up with some menus and multiman in spanish ect..... and i got a bit panic when it just crashed all apps that i opened, but keep in mind im at cex not dex.

    so i read some comments here and u said restore in recovery meny, so i did, installed the same version again via update mode and it restored the things to 50%, when i re opened ur app it said backup need to be removed due to system something, could u please give me an orginal backup of the ps3 rebug theam? so i can put it back in the backup folder and maybe try to restore it again to like it was b4 installing ur app. thanks man
  8. pilpul
    Version: v2.0
    is it possible to get banned on psn because of this mod?
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Nah, sony dont check for files integrity , only syscalls
  9. TheGamer55
    Version: v2.0
    Your mod is beautiful, i never enjoyed staying longer than 5 minutes at the XMB menu, but the problem is on my CEX PS3, when starting a game, my PS3 just crashes when loading then i restored my rebug 4.81. Your mod is good, it would be a shame to discontinue it now.
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Are you sure you are on CEX? because this is a well known problem using DEX WIRH CCAPI
  10. DavidHvatov
    Version: v2.0
    When is V2.1 planned? :D
    "Rola Grossa" bug irritates me, when system language is set to russian. Instead it should be "Restart system" or "Перезагрузить систему" in russian.
    So far best mod I ever used on PS3! You got taste!
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      I'm already working on 2.1, but it will be delayed a bit, because i'm on exam period at college, but dont worry it's already fixed hahaha, if you have some suggestions or ideias to be implanted on the mod, feel free to ask, i'm needing this