PS3 PS3™ 4K Pro v4.2

Give Your XMB a Fresh New Look.

  1. LuanTeles

    What is Ps3™ 4K Pro Mod?
    It's a Collection Of Mods that Changes the PS3™ System Look:
    • PS4™ Boot Sounds.
    • PS4™ GameBoot Sounds.
    • PS4™ XMB Sounds.
    • PS4™ PS Store Icon.
    • PS4™ System Fonts.
    • PS4™ Browser Navigation Buttons.
    • PS4™ Game Format Tags.
    • PS3™ 4K Pro Boot Logo.
    • PS3™ 4K Pro GameBoot Logo.
    • PS3™ 4K Pro System Texts.
    • PSP™ Wave Background.
    • PSP™ Colors Background.
    • PSP™ System Colors.
    • PS Vita™ Music Controls Background.
    • PS Vita™ Video Controls Background.
    • PS Vita™ Photos Controls Background.
    • Added: Improved Particles in The Wave Background.
    • Added: New Background Clock Bar
    • Added: New Animated Clock Icon
    • Added: Facebook Icon under Network.
    • Added: Advanced Reboot Options under Users Category.
    • Added: PS3™ 4K Pro Theme under Themes.
    • Added: 2160p Resolution Option in Output Resolutions.
    • Added: PS3™ 4K Pro Logo in About Game Options.
    • Added: PS3™ 4K Pro in System Credits.
    • Added: PS4™ Loading Style Animation in Information Page.
    • Added: Boost Mode.
    • Added: Side Menu Animations.
    • Added: Buttons Animations.
    • Added: New Impose Screen.
    • Added: New Battery Level Indicators
    • ~ Full=Green, Half=Yellow, Weak=Orange, Empty=Red.
    • - New Controller Indicators.
    • ~ 1=Red, 2=Blue, 3=Green, 4=Yellow.
    • Added: Music Online Player.
    • Added: PodCast Online Player.
    • Added: Video Online Player.
    • Added: TV Online Player.
    • Added: Manga Reader.
    • Added: Screen Saver Mode.
    • New Notification Background.
    • New Icon for PSN.
    • New Icon for Throphies.
    • New Icon for Online Folder
    • New Icon for My Games.
    • New Icon for File Manager.
    • New Icon for RetroArch XMB.
    • New Icon for Pkg Launcher.
    • New Icon for PSP™ Launcher.
    • New Icon for MultiMan.
    • Translated Debug Options for All Languages.
    • Translated System Reboot for All Languages.
    • Priority Apps Bubbles.
    How to Install ?
    • Just Install the PKG File and Launch It.

    How to Unistall ?
    • CFW: Launch the PKG file, Choose Backups and Restore ( If You had any Mods Before That You Want To Keep It) Or Hit Unistall and Choose Your Firmware Regular For Any Firmrware and Rebug For Rebug Firmwares.
    • HEN: Launch The PKG file, Select Any Option and Hit Uninstall.
    Download Links:
    The Link is in The Top Left Corner Of The Screen For:
    • Custom Firmware
    • Hen/Han Exploits
    • Any Problem Will Be Only Supported Here, Post Your Firmware Version alongside The Plugins and Other Mods Installed.

    • To Apply the PS4™ Font, Go To Settings -> Theme -> Fonts -> PS4™ Style.
    • To See the Homebrews New Icons You Need to Have RetroArch, PSP™ Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman Installed, Not Included in the Mod.
    • Set Priority for RetroArch, PSP™ Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman after Installing will be Located in File Manager -> Package Manager -> Downloaded Content.
    • After The Installation Go to System -> Themes and Apply the PS3™ 4K Pro Theme (Just for Throphy Icons Change).
    Boot Splash.png

    • None So Far.
    • Added: Top Bar Header in the Information Screen.
    • Added: Top Bar Header in the Package Installer Screen.
    • Added: Top Bar Header in the Impose Screen.
    • Added: Web Browser Side Menu Animation.
    • Improved: Removed the Junk Pixels Around the PS Logo on Boost Mode.
    • Improved: Boost Mode Font Size Increased.
    • Added: System Version Spoofer, Now When a Update is Out, The System Can Sign-in Without Updating It.
    • Improved: Category Icons Focus are Now The First Ones.
    • Improved: PS3™ Pro/4K Theme Now Matches The PS3™ Default Themes Layout and Sets PS4™ Font As Default.
    • Improved: Installer Param.SFO
    • Improved: What's New Moved Back to PSN instead of Game.
    • Fixed: Music Itens Not Showing in The English Version of The PS3™ Pro.
    • Added: PS Vita™ Music Controls Background.
    • Added: PS Vita™ Video Controls Background.
    • Added: PS Vita™ Photos Controls Background.
    • Improved: PS3™ 4K Pro Logo in System Information Page.
    • Fixed: Missing Animations in Date & Time Side Menu.
    • Fixed: Missing PS3™ 4K Pro Logo in About Game.
    • Fixed: Italian/Espãnol/Nederlands/Dansk Long Text Characters Overlapping Icons in Web Browser.
    • Added: PS4™ Browser Navigation Buttons in The Web Browser.
    • Added: PS4™ Style Game Format Tags.
    • Improved: PS3™ Pro Logo.
    • Improved: Side Menu First Animations.
    • Improved: Missing "2160p" Option in Display Menu.
    • Improved: The Installer Now Has Priority In The XMB.
    • Added: Music Online Player.
    • Added: Video Online Player.
    • Added: TV Online Player.
    • Added: Screen Saver.
    • Added: Manga Reader.
    • Improved: Custom Icons are Now Inside The Rco.
    • Improved: Waves Particles.
    • Improved: PS4™ Font from PS4™ OFW 5.05
    • Improved: Pro Base Version In System Information Now Matches the Official Spacing Height.
    • Improved: Missing System Settings Itens for Rebug Firmwares.
    • Improved: Updated Theme P3T File.
    • Improved: Dual Channel and Better Quality System Sounds Inside The Theme P3T File.
    • Fixed: Missing The Black Hole Animation in Some System Settings.
    • Fixed: Video Settings Crash Upon Click.
    • Added: PS4™ Font Style.
    • Added: PS3™ Pro/4K Logo in System Information.
    • Added: Firmware Version Pro in System Information.
    • Added: Pro Mod Base Version in System Information.
    • Improved: Settings Item Animation Now is Hidden in Info Pages.
    • Improved: About Game PS3™ 4K Pro Custom Logo.
    • Removed: Settings Animation Recolor in Side Menu Options.
    • Added: Podcast Player.
    • Improved: Wave Transitions.
    • Improved: Wave Background Colors.
    • Improved: Navigation Bar Delay Transtions.
    • Improved: Impose Screen.
    • * While Running a Game: Exit Game Will Be Displayed.
    • * While Running an App: Exit Application Will Be Displayed.
    • Added: CFW 4.85 Support.
    • Added: New PSP™ 6.XX XMB Wave Colors.
    • Improved: Settings Animations When Pressed Becomes Red.
    • Fixed: What's New Doesn't Shows When Uninstalling The Mod.
    • Fixed: Now When Switching To PS3™ Pro/4K The Previous P3T File Will Be Replaced, Not Having 2 Of Them Anymore.
    • Removed: Glow Effect on Settings Menu.
    • Added: New Animations on Settings Menu.
    • Added: Uninstaller Option for Rebug and Regular Firmwares.
    • Added: Support for HEN/HAN Toolbox and Stores Using The Same Paths.
    • Fixed: File Manager and Advanced Reboot Options.
    • Fixed: Installer Giving Errors on Non-Rebug Firmwares.
    • Added: PS4™ Loading Animation in Information Page.
    • Fixed: DS3 Buttons Now Has The Official PS Colors.
    • Improved: Controller Battery Indicator.
    • Improved: Uninstaller Now Removes All The Modded Files.
    • Fixed: Missing Reboot Icons.
    • Fixed: Misspelled ColdBoot (PS3™ 4K Pro).
    • Added CFW 4.84.2 Support.
    • Added HAN/HEN Support.
    • Added: Colored Animated :but x::but cir::but square::but tri:Buttons.
    • Added: New SideBar DS3 Animations.
    • Added: New Clock Bar Background.
    • Added: New Clock Icon
    • Added: Glow Effect in the Clock Icon
    • Added: DECR Firmware 0.90.002 Impose Screen Image.
    • Added: New Reboot Options Under User Category.
    • Added: PIC1 Translated For All Languages.
    • Fixed: Buttons Size for Resolutions Below FHD.
    • Fixed: Effects Sizes for Resolutions Below HD.
    • Fixed: Boost Mode on HD Resolution.
    • Fixed: Wrong Translations.
    • Fixed: MultiMan Freeze.
    • Fixed: Compatibility with CCAPI in Cex/Dex Mode.
    • Added Animated:but x::but cir::but square::but tri: Buttons.
    • Added: Animations in Side Menus.
    • Added: Boost Mode.
    • Added: New Theme With Icons.
    • Added: Alphabetical Sorting to Game Data.
    • Fixed: CFW 4.82 PS2 Playback Error.
    • Added: PSP™ Colors Background
    • Added: All PS3™ Rco's Texts changed to PS3™ Pro/4K.
    • Added: All PS Store Rco's Images Changed to the New One.
    • Fixed: Minor Changes.
    • Added: PS3™ 4K Pro Logo.
    • Added: XMB Texts PS3™ 4K Pro for the PS3™ 4K Pro Mod.
    • Added: Reboot System Option (Translated for All Languages) under Users XMB Category.
    • Added: Rebuild the Mod as a PKG.
    • Added: Support for CFW 4.82.
    • Added: Some Modifications in File Manager.
    • Added: Themed Multiman PS3™ Pro/ 4K.
    • Added: Facebook Icon under Network Category.
    • Added: Xai Plugin by Misys to make some Custom Functions to Work.
    • Added: Epilepsy Warning Screen back to Rebug (Optional and for OFW look).
    • Added: Photo Gallery Support in Debug Mode.
    • Added: New Battery Metter Icon for Bluetooth Devices. "Colored (Default) and White (Alt.)"
    • Added: New colors for Controller Identifier.
    • Fixed: About Game Side Menu PS3™ Pro/4K Logo.
    • Fixed: Pro Size in PS3™ Pro/4K Coldboot and Gameboot.
    • Fixed: Some Minor Changes.
    • Removed: Quick SignUp icon.
    • Added: Side Menu about Game Logo changed from Default PS3™ Logo to PS3™ Pro Logo.
    • Added: Some Changes in PS3™ Pro Theme.
    • Added: New Alt. PS4™ Style CoolBoot
    • Improved: XMB PSN icon quality for Higher Screen Resolutions.
    • Improved: Redesigned Notifications Background.
    • Improved: Redesigned Battery Level Background.
    • Improved: Redesigned Help Text Background.
    • Added: Smoother Transition in XMB Wave Changes.
    • Added: Two Altenative Gameboot Wave Colors (Separated Folder).
    • Added: PS3™ 4K Pro as a Entire New Mod.
    • Added: Changes in the Backrground Wave.
    • Added: Colorful Particles in XMB Wave.
    • Added: Alternative PS3™ 4K Gameboot (Separated Folder).
    • Added: Alternative PS3™ 4K Coldboot (Separated Folder.
    • Added: New My Games Icon.
    • Added: New File Manager Icon.
    • Added: Alternative Gameboot PS3™ 4K Pro Logo.
    • Added: New RetroArch, PSP™ Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman Icons.
    • Fixed: Some Little Changes on Notifications (PS3™ Pro Theme and System_plugin.rco).
    • Fixed: Bugs (Category_Game.xml and Freezes changing Themes/Switching Users).
    • Fixed: Some Changes in ColdBoot.
    • Added: Alphabetical Order in Game Column with All Language Translation in Side Menu.
    • Added: New Trophy Icon ( InGame, Friends Trophies).
    • Added: New Official PS Store Icon introduced on PS4™ OFW 4.70.
    • Added: New PSN Icon (XMB, InGame, Signing).
    • Added: Sysconf PS3™ to PS3™ PRO entries.
    • Added: New Icon for Online Folder.
    • Added: XMBM + 2K17 by Berion Updated Links and Translation to PT-BR
    • Added: Default What's New Icon and Some Translations for Webman Lauchpad
    • Added: Priority Pkgs as some Users Requested.
    • Fixed: Resized PS3™ Pro Logo in GAMEBOOT.
    • Fixed: Dev_hdd0 custom RetroArch, PSP™ Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman ICONS like Folders, to Fit The XMB Better.
    • Added: PS3™ Pro Coldboot.
    • Added: PS4™ Boot Sound.
    • Added: PS4™ XMB Sounds.
    • Added: PS3™ Strings Changed to PS3™ Pro.
    • Added: Some Custom Icons.
    • Added: PS3™ Pro Gameboot.
    • Added: PS4™ Gameboot Sound.
    • Added: PSP™ Wave Background.

    Wave Background Color 1.png Wave Background Color 2.png Wave Background Color 3.png Wave Background Color 4.png Wave Background Color 5.png Wave Background Color 6.png Wave Background Color 7.jpg Wave Background Color 8.png Wave Background Color 9.png Wave Background Color 10.png Wave Background Color 11.png Wave Background Color 12.png
    Facebook.jpg File Manager.jpg PS Store.jpg Side Panel Animations.jpg ScreenSaver.png Podcast Player.png Music Online Player.png Video Online Player.png Online TV Player.png Manga Reader.png Throphy Icon.png Reboot Icon.jpg Reboot Options.jpg Side Menu Animation.jpg Settings Red Effect.png Installer.jpg Information.jpg Changelogs.jpg About Screen.jpg PS4 Buttons Nav Bar.png About System.jpg Pro Theme.jpg PS4 Font.jpg Image.png music.png Filme.png Impose Screen 1.jpg
    Impose Screen 2.jpg Impose Screen 3.jpg Impose Screen - Controller Indicator 4.png

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Dyrn3006
    Version: v4.2
    Ok I just installed this I have one thing to add I accedently started (pressed x) ps3 4k PRO again an it loaded like normal but it said system detected a new software change delete back files so I just pressed exit everything is working fine just wanted to add that
  2. RhysKent
    Version: v4.2
    Can't edit my last 3 star review, apologies. Fiknally got the time to sort it out and it worked flawlessly. Cheers
  3. Relaxbro_7
    Version: v4.2
    what is boost mode??
  4. Paulo Souza
    Paulo Souza
    Version: V4.1.1
    Well, first I must congratulate you on the project, it is really good, the design, the sounds, the xmb, everything is perfect. A few versions ago, I had a problem with the ps3 cooler being fully accelerated, making it impossible to play, but very fortunately it was fixed. I have a suggestion, when we hold the PS button, the control tab, the image of a PS3 FAT on some models may not make sense, as some are slim model, as in my case, so I ask you if you could remove the image and Replacing it with one that groups the other models would be a nice experience. It would simply be perfect. Thanks.
  5. RhysKent
    Version: V4.1.1
    This broke my ps3 on installation. Freezes on launch and upon every reboot from safe mode. Any help to recover? freezes clicking on update.

    Running latest 4.85 HFW and latest HEN. First time doing it and this mod was one of the first things I installed after jailbreak.
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Did you intall the right version? You need the HEN one, not the CFW, those issues you are having are due to the sprx files.

      Just reinstall the HFW via recovery Menu, and install the right version for you
  6. BossRedfield
    Version: v4.1
    The best XMB mod for PS3!

    But It can't be reinstalled after uninstall it.
    It says the files don't match sizes. Restore backups and reinstall CFW doesn't help at all.
    What should I do? Format my hdd and try again?

    CFW: Rebug 4.84.2 Cobra 8.1 (CEX)
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Never had this problem, try to delete the pkg and reinstall it?

      Or go try to go to dev_hd0/game/XMBPLS and delete it
  7. Filipe Santos
    Filipe Santos
    Version: v3.8
    Beautiful mod but very unstable and risky once you install it the only way you can revert it back is by reinstalling the firmware.
    Do it on your own risk.
  8. Yugonibblit
    Version: v3.7
    This Resource is always kept up and problems are always addressed in a timely manner.i love this theme gives new excitement to the PlayStation 3.
  9. Sandwitchcat
    Version: v2.0
    It’s a nice theme but I have a problem my ps3 doesn’t do shit now I’m on cex and had Ccapi , multiman.
    And out of panic I tried formatting my system
    Is there any way that I’ll be able to get my ps3 back? Doesn’t matter if i lost my jail break
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Just Reinstall your CFW via recovery

      And wait for v3.0 this week, CCAPI compatiiblity has been FIXED
  10. Tanju42
    Version: v2.0
    Installed on 4.84 Rebug CEX with CCAPI installed and every app i start goes black and frezzes my PS3

    Very nice homebrew but so i can not do anything