PS3 PS3™ 4K Pro v4.3

Give Your XMB a Fresh New Look.

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v4.3
    Please read the comments
  2. Dyrn3006
    Version: v4.2
    Ok I just installed this I have one thing to add I accedently started (pressed x) ps3 4k PRO again an it loaded like normal but it said system detected a new software change delete back files so I just pressed exit everything is working fine just wanted to add that
  3. RhysKent
    Version: v4.2
    Can't edit my last 3 star review, apologies. Fiknally got the time to sort it out and it worked flawlessly. Cheers
  4. Relaxbro_7
    Version: v4.2
    what is boost mode??
  5. Paulo Souza
    Paulo Souza
    Version: V4.1.1
    Well, first I must congratulate you on the project, it is really good, the design, the sounds, the xmb, everything is perfect. A few versions ago, I had a problem with the ps3 cooler being fully accelerated, making it impossible to play, but very fortunately it was fixed. I have a suggestion, when we hold the PS button, the control tab, the image of a PS3 FAT on some models may not make sense, as some are slim model, as in my case, so I ask you if you could remove the image and Replacing it with one that groups the other models would be a nice experience. It would simply be perfect. Thanks.
  6. RhysKent
    Version: V4.1.1
    This broke my ps3 on installation. Freezes on launch and upon every reboot from safe mode. Any help to recover? freezes clicking on update.

    Running latest 4.85 HFW and latest HEN. First time doing it and this mod was one of the first things I installed after jailbreak.
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Did you intall the right version? You need the HEN one, not the CFW, those issues you are having are due to the sprx files.

      Just reinstall the HFW via recovery Menu, and install the right version for you
  7. BossRedfield
    Version: v4.1
    The best XMB mod for PS3!

    But It can't be reinstalled after uninstall it.
    It says the files don't match sizes. Restore backups and reinstall CFW doesn't help at all.
    What should I do? Format my hdd and try again?

    CFW: Rebug 4.84.2 Cobra 8.1 (CEX)
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Never had this problem, try to delete the pkg and reinstall it?

      Or go try to go to dev_hd0/game/XMBPLS and delete it
  8. Filipe Santos
    Filipe Santos
    Version: v3.8
    Beautiful mod but very unstable and risky once you install it the only way you can revert it back is by reinstalling the firmware.
    Do it on your own risk.
  9. Yugonibblit
    Version: v3.7
    This Resource is always kept up and problems are always addressed in a timely manner.i love this theme gives new excitement to the PlayStation 3.
  10. Sandwitchcat
    Version: v2.0
    It’s a nice theme but I have a problem my ps3 doesn’t do shit now I’m on cex and had Ccapi , multiman.
    And out of panic I tried formatting my system
    Is there any way that I’ll be able to get my ps3 back? Doesn’t matter if i lost my jail break
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Just Reinstall your CFW via recovery

      And wait for v3.0 this week, CCAPI compatiiblity has been FIXED