PS3 PS3™ 4K Pro v5.1

Give Your XMB a Fresh New Look.

  1. v3.0

    • Added CFW 4.84.2 Support.
    • Added HAN/HEN Support.
    • Added: Colored Animated :but x::but cir::but square::but tri:Buttons.
    • Added: New SideBar DS3 Animations.
    • Added: New Clock Bar Background.
    • Added: New Clock Icon
    • Added: Glow Effect in the Clock Icon
    • Added: DECR Firmware 0.90.002 Impose Screen Image.
    • Added: New Reboot Options Under User Category.
    • Added: PIC1 Translated For All Languages.
    • Fixed: Buttons Size for Resolutions Below FHD.
    • Fixed: Effects Sizes for Resolutions Below HD.
    • Fixed: Boost Mode on HD Resolution.
    • Fixed: Wrong Translations.
    • Fixed: MultiMan Freeze.
    • Fixed: Compatibility with CCAPI in Cex/Dex Mode.
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