PS3 PS3™ 4K Pro v5.1

Give Your XMB a Fresh New Look.

  1. V4.1.1

    • Fixed: Network Category Items Not Showing (HEN).
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  2. v4.1

    • Added: System Version Spoofer, Now When a Update is Out, The System Can Sign-in Without Updating It.
    • Improved: Category Icons Focus are Now The First Ones.
    • Improved: PS3™ Pro/4K Theme Now Matches The PS3™ Default Themes Layout and Sets PS4™ Font As Default.
    • Improved: What's New Moved Back to PSN instead of Game.
    • Improved: Installer Param.SFO
    • Fixed: Music Category Items Not Showing in The English Version of The PS3™ Pro.
  3. v4.0

    • Added: PS Vita™ Music Controls Background.
    • Added: PS Vita™ Video Controls Background.
    • Added: PS Vita™ Photos Controls Background.
    • Improved: PS3™ 4K Pro Logo in System Information Page.
    • Fixed: Missing Animations in Date & Time Side Menu.
    • Fixed: Missing PS3™ 4K Pro Logo in About Game.
    • Fixed: Italian/Espãnol/Nederlands/Dansk Long Text Characters Overlapping Icons in Web Browser.
  4. v3.9

    • Added: PS4™ Browser Navigation Buttons in The Web Browser.
    • Added: PS4™ Style Game Format Tags.
    • Improved: PS3™ Pro Logo.
    • Improved: Side Menu First Animations.
    • Improved: Missing "2160p" Option in Display Menu.
    • Improved: The Installer Now Has Priority In The XMB.
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  5. v.3.8

    • Added: Music Online Player based on @DeViL303 PodCast Enabler
    • Added: Video Online Player based on @DeViL303 PodCast Enabler.
    • Added: TV Online Player based on @DeViL303 PodCast Enabler
    • Added: Screen Saver by @DeViL303.
    • Added: Manga Reader
    • Improved:...
  6. v3.7

    • Improved: Pro Base Version In System Information Now Matches the Official Spacing Height.
    • Improved: Missing System Settings Items for Rebug Firmwares.
    • Improved: Updated Theme P3T File.
    • Improved: Dual Channel and Better Quality System Sounds Inside The Theme P3T File.
    • Fixed: Missing The Black Hole Animation in Some System Settings.
    • Fixed: Video Settings Crash Upon Click.
  7. v3.6

    • Added: PS4™ Font Style
    • Added: PodCast Player
    • Added: PS3™ Pro/4K Logo in System Information.
    • Added: Firmware Version Pro in System Information.
    • Added: Pro Mod Base Version in System Information.
    • Improved: Settings Items Animation Now is Hidden in Info Pages.
    • Improved: About Game PS3™ 4K Pro Custom Logo.
    • Removed: Settings Animation Recolor in Side Menu Options.
  8. v3.5

    • Improved: Wave Transitions.
    • Improved: Wave Background Colors.
    • Improved: Navigation Bar Delay Transtions.
    • Improved: Impose Screen.
    • * While Running a Game: Exit Game Will Be Displayed.
    • * While Running an App: Exit Application Will Be Displayed.
  9. v3.4

    • Added: CFW 4.85 Support.
    • Added: New PSP™ 6.XX XMB Wave Colors.
    • Improved: Settings Animations When Pressed Becomes Red.
    • Fixed: What's New Doesn't Shows When Uninstalling The Mod.
    • Fixed: Now When Switching To PS3™ Pro/4K The Previous P3T File Will Be Replaced, Not Having 2 Of Them Anymore.
    • Removed: Glow Effect on Settings Menu.
  10. v3.3

    • Added: New Animations on Settings Menu.
    • Added: Uninstaller Option for Rebug and Regular Firmwares.
    • Added: Support for HEN/HAN Toolbox and Stores Using The Same Paths.
    • Fixed: File Manager and Advanced Reboot Options.
    • Fixed: Installer Giving Errors on Non-Rebug Firmwares.
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