PS3 PS3 Coldboots Collection [PS3 EXTRA - ISO] 1.0

Mount with a backup manager and enjoy this easy to use coldboot installer

  1. 0_obeWAN

    • Ps3 Coldboot Collection ISO [PS3 Extra]
      by @0_obeWAN

      This ISO when mounted by your backup manager of choosing, gives the ability to view and choose your PS3 Coldboot (Startup Logo). View additional details about this release in the tabs provided:

      Installation Instructions
      • Download and transfer ISO file to dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/
      • Mount with your favorite manager, like an ISO game
      • Navigate on Coldboots collection disc, choose yours
      • Install press X and answer YES, wait to XMB return.

    • Mirrors:

      Release Source:
      News Coverage:

      • All Custom Firmwares (CFW) are supported.
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  1. PS3 Coldboots Collection [PS3 EXTRA - ISO]