PS3 PS3 Disc Dumper for PC 3.0.4

Dump PS3 Games on Windows PC - Save your Laser!

  1. DeViL303
    PS3 Disc Dumper 3.0.4 For PC

    It is now easier than ever to rip PS3 game discs on PC with this tool, easier than on PS3 almost and if you use your PC you conserve your PS3 laser.

    Just install this Handy little 1 click portable application that comes in at 1MB.

    Developed by 13xforever

    Download Available HERE

    Usage is super simple, the only thing it needs really is to be able to rip to ISO directly. At the moment this rips to folder format so you need to use PS3 ISO Tools or similar to make the ISO after.

    Step 1:
    No install required, just unzip it, on first start up its asks you to select the location for the dumps, so choose that and press ok. You do NOT need to change anything else.


    Step 2:

    Insert your PS3 BD disc into your PCs BD reader and it will scan it.


    Step 3:

    Then it will automatically get the IRD and then you just click the start button and wait until its done, simple as that:


    Ripping Speed:

    My Asus 14D1XT BD drive rips at about 1GB per minute, It was not on the list of compatible drives either, So if your drive is not on there, try it as my rips work. Dirty or scratched discs will dump slower of course so clean them first.


    Dump Checking:

    You dont need to provide the IRD files as it downloads the IRD file before it starts the scan.

    Then it when its completed it checks the dump and confirms it dumped ok.


    More info including list of compatible BD drives can be found here :

    Source code is on github too.
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