PS3 PS3 Game Manager by Francesco Fazio v.0.42c

A new original PS3 Backup Manager that runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux inside VirtualBox

  1. PS3 Games Manager VirtualBox OVA version 0.42a

    I have just finished to release the version 0.42a that comes in an OVA format ready to be used in VirtualBox on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac).

    There are no configuration files to edit and no Linux commands to issue from the console like in the previous editions, making it usable by every user with no IT skills.

    The only configuration the user will need to do is managed by a simple script (ps3-setup) that with a series of easy questions allows the user to setup what is needed to adapt PS3 Games Manager to its network.




    In specific the script configures:

    - Ps3 Games Manager network settings (IP, Gateway, DNS).

    - Playstation 3 IP Address (the scripts checks if the PS3 is ONLINE and verifies if webMAN is running).

    - Automatic Mounting of Windows and Linux Network Shares containing the game backups ISOs files. It validates the user's input only when it verifies the share is correctly setup to be used by webMAN, PS3NetSrv and PS3 Games Manager.

    - USB Game Data Enforcing (when enabled It makes sure no game will be launched without Game Data Enabled)

    The whole installation and configuration is done in less then 10 minutes by a totally inexperienced user :)

    I have published a video on Youtube the explains in details the few very very easy steps needed to make it run.

    PS3 Games Manager 0.42a VirtualBox Edition can be downloaded at the following address:

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