PS3 PS3 Proxy Server for Android - v2.1 - Universal

PS3 Proxy server with various options, like firmware "spoof" and system update blocker - for Android

  1. DADi590
    PS3 Proxy Server for Android

    Downloads: 23 000+ (21-05-2020 -- DD/MM/YYYY)

    Note: To see what the next version might have, see this link: I always write there what's coming and I keep updating it, so I don't forget what needs to be done and others can possibly see and say something in case they don't agree or have a better idea.

    This app can be used on ALL Firmwares! That means, OFW (HFW too..., which is OFW) and CFW. It was made for HAN, but works without anything on the PS3 - pure OFW. Works too with PS3HEN and CFW. Anything. It doesn't need anything special on the PS3 aside from configuring the network settings.

    Latest app version: 2.1


    5. Diese App läuft auf einer beliebigen FIRMWARE-Version!!!
    6. Это приложение работает на любой версии программного обеспечения!!!

    You could even use it on OFW 3.55 and it would still work! (I think, possibly not because the file looks different in older versions, but on versions from the last few years it works for sure) No need to not update to 4.84 or 4.85 or whatever version! (unless Sºny finally fixes this issue, but then not even on lower versions the app will work) You can update with no problems!!! The app will still work! It doesn't work only in 4.82 or 4.83 or 4.8X or 4.XX. It's universal! The program inside the app puts the version required by PSN being 0.00, so any version above that one will work! You can update with no problems, don't worry!

    Update (languages):
    I'm sorry, the languages were reduced to English, Portuguese and Spanish. I don't have enough time to be translating to the others, because I more or less try to see if there is something that might be wrong in them (even though I don't understand them), so I've removed them, because I added a lot more written things. Though, if anyone wants to translate the app, just tell me.


    Hi everyone.

    So I'm releasing my first Android app and it is a proxy server to allow the PS3 to go online on older firmwares (system versions) and that blocks the system updates too (if you try to update, it won't be able to download the update file). It's very easy to use and has auto start and auto save features. You can change the port of the server too. But you can't change the IP of the server. If, for any reason, someone needs to change the IP, just tell me here and I'll try to implement that. It's not hard to enable the option, but to check if the server is really working, that's the worst part (at least for a begginer like me - before making the app a week ago, I had never really touched in Android Studio, few on Java and nothing about Object Oriented Programming...).

    The minimum known working version is 4.2 (Jelly Bean) - tested by @blckbear_ - and the maximum is 9.0 (Pie) - the last one, with Android Studio. Without Android studio, the newest known working version is 8.1 (Oreo) - tested by @blckbear_ (the only Android version I have is 4.4.2 (KitKat)).

    Btw, if the IP says "localhost", that's because you need to start the app with the Internet already connected, because you're not connected to an external network, so it uses the phone's internal network (or something like that, I don't really understand these network parts).

    And in case you noticed, the icon it's PS3 Proxy Server GUI's icon with the android logo on it, just to be different and to mean it's the Android version.

    It has 6 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish (first one is the one I know best, since I'm PT-PT), French, German and Russian (these 3 I don't know, so the translations are as good as Google Translate). Spanish was improved by @blckbear_.
    EDIT: read above, only the first 3 now.

    Hope you like it!


    This app only works on Android 4.0.3 or newer! (I tried to lower as much as I could)

    So, if you need the server to work with Android 4.0 and older (being the minimum, Android 2.2, so lower than 2.2 there is no known way), please follow this tutorial, which was made by the same person who helped in this app:

    After seeing a comment (thanks to @diego18sn PSX), is now in the program the following line: '"br": { "BR", "8F", "br" },' - Brasil stuff.


    - @blckbear_ (PSX-Place) - for helping, testing and giving ideas (so huge credits for him);

    - @mondul (GitHub/PSX-Place) - for making the program which is behind the app (so amazing credits for him or the app wouldn't be possible, at least so easily).

    Original program used in the app (now havily modified in the app) can be found on GitHub:

    Bugs and ideas:

    If anyone would like another feature here in the app or if a bug happened (possible, because I'm a begginer), tell me here and I'll try to put/fix it!

    Cheers and good gaming! (please buy the games if you can, the developers deserve it)

    PS: I don't need this app, I just decided to try to do it because the other way takes TOO MUCH space to run a 3KB program and some people might not have enough space... So I'll not be using it and seeing if there are any bugs on it, so if there are, tell me please. Anyways, if someone needs the server on 4.0 or older, you'll have to use the other way anyways (unless, as I said, it's older than 2.2, for some weird reason, then there's no known way to have the server working).

    Pictures (from Android Studio)
    Main_PPSFA_stopped.png Main_PPSFA_started.png
    Rules1_PPSFA.png Rules2_PPSFA.png Rules3_PPSFA.png
    Real-time logging:
    Notification in Jelly Bean (4.1.2) and in Pie (9.0):
    Notification_PPSFA_4_1_2.png Notification_PPSFA_9_0.png

    - v1.0 --> (please don't use this one, as it doesn't have an update notifier - nor the new things, but the notifier is the most important or you'll miss possible updates);
    - v2.0 -->;
    --> v2.1 -->

    I had to put this page's link on the app, so I published this without files. I didn't know I wouldn't be able to put files after not putting in the creation part, so the links are directly to the releases on GitHub.

    PS: You won't find this app on PlayStore, since I need to pay 25$ to put it there... So out of question, at least for now. When/if I put it there, I'll say here (might take time...... - much).

Recent Reviews

  1. Hellhammer666
    I sat for hours and could not get it to work. Followed the instructions 100%, tried restarting the phone even at one point and no luck. Tried using the IP that the app gives, tried using my router's IP, tried using my phone's matter what I do, when I test the connection, the PS3 fails on connecting to the internet every single time.

    The app uses some default IP that doesn't match any IP on my network and keeps defaulting back to that one even when I enter different IPs.
    1. DADi590
      Author's Response
      It's not the first time someone says this... Actually it's the second one. And I have absolutely no idea what the problem is. The app gets the IP the phone is using (either Mobile Data or WiFi). And I can't understand what causes that... I can try fixing it, but I don't know if I can, because... Nope, I because nothing, I've no idea haha. That must be an issue with either the phone or the network. Almost no one says anything about this, so it might be one of those 2, I guess. Have you tried with another phone and with another network?
  2. HowArtThou
    I would use, but my android doesn't have a hotspot option for the wlan interface, i've tried hotspot apps on google play but with no luck, sad i know, anyway we can get the android version of this app converted over to pc as well? I've tried all the other pc proxy builds but to no avail on 4.85 update.
    1. DADi590
      Author's Response
      Hi. I didn't even know this didn't work if the device doesn't have hotspot support. Interesting. Thanks for saying that! That's infortunate... About the PC part... Actually, I've thought on such thing. To put the exact app in the PC with the same functions, but I don't have experience in the programming languages to make a decent program for Windows yet (C/C++). But you can always use the PC program! It's called PS3 Proxy Server (search for PS3 Proxy Server GUI, I think it works better). Exists since long ago. 2012 or something like that. Search for some tutorials about that. If you want to put it permanent, write in the version, 0.00 and not 4.85. 0.00 puts it permanent (it will tell the PS3 to login if the version the PS3 has is greater than 0.00, which is of course true). Btw, play nice. Don't cheat...
  3. Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan
    Thx! I was searchiing for such an app!
    1. DADi590
      Author's Response
      Thanks! If you have any ideas you'd like to see in the app, just say! (sorry for the late reply hahaha)
  4. zaheer7890
    Great work .
    1. DADi590
      Author's Response
      Thanks. What do you think that could be better in the app? (asking for the 4 stars)