PS3 PS3 Proxy Server for Android - v2.1 - Universal

PS3 Proxy server with various options, like firmware "spoof" and system update blocker - for Android

  1. PS3 Proxy Server for Android v2.1 - Universal

    - The server will automatically restart on boot if it detects that the IP changed. This is useful if you enabled the option for the server to start with the system, and the WiFi didn't start yet but the server is already On. Now, it will restart without ask only when it is started on the device boot.
    If it's manually started, it will ask for a restart in a notification when it detects an IP change.
    For some reason, sometimes the notification doesn't pop-up with me. I have no idea why;
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  2. PS3 Proxy Server for Android v2.0 - Universal

    - Fixed bug of not saving the settings sometimes;
    - Updates notifier added;
    - Manual updates checker added;
    - Instructions screen added;
    - Now it's possible to manually write the ps3-updatelist.txt file (thanks to @zaheer7890 for the idea, since I had thought it wouldn't be much needed, so if anyone needed to make a manual file because the automatic one wasn't working, please tell me and I'll add your region - hope all regions are there);
    - Colors changed to red, green and...
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