PS3 PS3 Slim Style Gameboot & Original Sounds [4.80 - 4.86 CFW ONLY] 1.0

A more Modern Style PS3 Gameboot w/ Original sounds

  1. Cypher_CG89
    PS3 Slim Style Gameboot & Original Sounds

    By: C7PH3R_CG

    " Put a bit of VENOM in your Games "

    @Cypher_CG89 - PSX-PLACE

    Slim Style Gameboot PS3.png
    NOTE: Background waves in pic are for illustration purposes only and are not included. This is a generic picture of what the Gameboot looks like not a screenshot...

    • This mod will install a modern PS3 Slim style Gameboot logo and with original sounds and has been provided in a handy " self install " zip file.

      For CFW 4.80 - 4.86 ( CEX & DEX )

      Tested on REBUG REX/D-REX, Ferrox &

      May work on earlier FW versions (NOT TESTED)

      ZIP MD5 - 15FECB1E210C3A6EA60615A176369C36

      ( Further MD5 & SHA1 Hash checks can be found in " MD5 & SHA1 HASH CHECKS!!!.txt " in the zip file for all other file's in this mod )

      This is for CFW ONLY !!!


      USE AT OWN RISK !!!

      NOTICE: I am not responsible for any loss of data or damage to your PlayStation 3 System !! This mod has been tested extensively !!

    • Install Instructions: CFW
      ( This XMB mod is for Installation via MultiMAN's " File Manager / mmMC " )

      First of you need to Extract the files from zip archive with WinRAR, WinZIP or 9Zip on your desktop and the place the ' zip ' file included ( ) onto a USB Flash Drive ( USB MUST be FAT32 MBR Format ) and insert it in any of your PlayStation 3's USB ports.

      Once You have done this please follow the below steps:

      1. Start up MultiMAN and go to the ' Settings ' column and scroll down until you find ' Enable dev_blind ' and enable this option.

      2. Next find the ' MultiMAN ' or ' mmCM ' column next to the ' Settings ' column and select ' File Manager/mmCM '.

      3. Once in the File Manager select ' PS3 Root ' in the top left hand corner of the screen.

      4. In the window find and select the USB port you have inserted the Flash Drive into. If you have no other USB devices inserted then it will be the only one to appear " dev_usb* ".

      5. Next open ' ' and you should get a message ' Do you wish to Install zip? ' select ' Yes '.

      6. Next select the Icon in the bottom left hand corner on the task-bar and select ' Restart ' to re-start your PlayStation 3 System and finalise the installation or you could soft brick your system or cause other errors.

      ( These instructions can also be found in " Install Instructions.txt " in the zip file )


      Failure to follow the Installation Instruction's to the letter may result in a soft brick of your PS3!! If this happens Re-Install your CFW from the Recovery Menu.....

      Any issue's please report them...
      Also if anyone tests this on earlier FW versions also please report the results....

      Please Enjoy!!!

    • Thanks to....

      My Team for testing the SPRX from the Original Gameboot Project :cool:

      Special Thanks to...

      " PSX-PLACE "
      @STLcardsWS For having such a KICK-ASS site for the PS3 Hacking Scene :cool:
      And the people who help run it :D

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      Original PS3 Gameboot & Sounds [4.80 - 4.86 CFW ONLY]

    NOTE: File's inside the downloaded ZIP, " Install Instruction.txt ", will say upto 4.84 CFW but this MOD works on 4.85 + 4.86 CFW.