PS3 PS3_ISO_BATCH beta 0.6 by 0_obeWAN beta 0.6

ISO batch tools that permit to create fully personalised ISO images for PS3

  1. bguerville

    • Here are ISO batch tools that permit to fully created your personalised ISO disc.
      It's the easy way I found to do it. You will find multiple package templates that let you install associated files.

      Current beta state
      PS3_ISO_BATCHb0.6 by 0_obeWAN

      - Create/add Mods packages to ISO disc...

      [1] PSN icon ===>>from PNG picture
      [2] XMB wave ===>> from lines.qrc
      [3] Coldboot ===>>from coldboot.raf file
      [4] Gameboot ===>>from custom_render_plugin.rco file
      [5] Theme ===>>from theme.p3t
      [6] video ===>> from video.MP4
      [7] Mod Games ===>>from NPDRM and NO NPDRM
      [8] HB coming... ===>>Soon
      [9] Add manually ===>>from an existing package

      - Build collection ISO disc
      [ b ] Build ISO disc

      - (Optional) PS3 network connection

      [ i ] Define PS3 IP address
      [p] Upload package on PS3
      [r] Refresh and reboot PS3
      [d] Upload ISO disc on PS3

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