PS3 PS3DumpChecker 1.0.491.2

Unofficial update with support for PS3xploit NAND Dumps and latest hashes.

  1. aknight720
    I have noticed so many users having issues validating their dumps using PyPS3tools - checker (because they do not read or cannot setup python), so I decided to make a few updates to PS3DumpChecker to help users out.


    Build 491 1 2018-01-30: (Unofficial build)
    - Added: Support for PS3xploit Nand Dumps.
    - Added: Recheck Current Image button, useful to load configuration or haslist without the need to open the image again.
    - Added: Alternative Patch Location Setting, you can direct patch PS3xploit flash.hex.
    - Updated: Patched 4.82 ROS hashs.
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