PS3 PS3xPAD v0.8

A PS3 plugin by OsirisX, that allows using many unsupported Controllers (XBOX,PS4 and others)

  1. PS3xPAD v0.4

    PS3xPAD v0.4

    I realize a lot of you are having trouble getting the plugin to work. Usually if you're getting the "unknown usb" error, that means the plugin has not loaded properly. You should be getting a "XPAD Loaded!" message if everything was setup correctly. Third party receivers should be working too.

    This release combines both wired and wireless controllers into one plugin. This makes things easier for those who want to use both types of controllers. It's also easier to maintain code when everything is in one place. Pressure sensitivity is now emulated where each button press (except for L2 and R2) maps to their max sensitivity value. This should make games that require pressure sensitivity more stable. Source code is also included in the package.

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