PS4 PS4-Xplorer (File Manager) v1.17

basic operations of a file explorer (cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files and complete folders)

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    (Video & Screenshot Courtesy of Mr_Xtrax505)

    • PS4 Xplorer by @Lapy05575948
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      (Project formerly known as (PS4) Windows Explorer rename to PS4 Xplorer in v1.05 Beta)
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      Homebrew FPKG made in Unity for PS4 5.05 It allows the basic operations of a file explorer (cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files and complete folders) with a simple interface, easy to use and with full administrator privileges (root).

      • To access the units connected by USB, navigate to: /mnt/ sb0 and /mnt/ubs1
      • It allows to visualize images (png, jpg) and to read the content of flat texts (txt, ini, bat).
      • It allows to play audio (wav, ogg) in the background, so we can reproduce them and continue using the other functions of the file explorer.
      • It is translated into Spanish and English. Spanish for those who have the console in Spanish, and in English for all other configurations.

      To consider:
      • -When files or folders are copied or moved, and these already exist in the destination, they are overwritten without asking.
      Known problems:
      • The virtual keyboard is made by me from scratch and still lacks options to implement.
      • The videos are not heard because the method used (which is the standard) enters into conflict with the plugin to obtain root permissions.
      I hope to solve all these problems for the final version with the help of other developers. Warning: do not delete or modify system files if you do not know what you are doing.

      PS4-Xplorer Changelogs
      PS4-Xplorer BETA - @Lapy05575948

      1.16 change log:

      - Fixed an error in the calculation of the percentage in the new progress bar when copying very large files..
      - Added a Cancel button to the new progress bar (square).
      - Fixed an FTP and RW bug (the options were inverted).

      1.15 change log:

      - Experimenting with a true progress bar. Only works when COPY a SINGLE file. (No in cut, folder or multiple files)

      1.14 change log:

      - Added the possibility of making a "_copy" of a file or folder (just copy and paste a file or folder in its own path). This only works with a single file or folder.
      - When copying or moving files, they will no longer be overwritten automatically, now a message box will appear to choose the correct option.
      - Now show the number of elements in each folder in the lower left corner.
      - Support to .cfg files as plain text.
      - New option in the Advanced Options menu to configure the "Home" path. After that, you can go back to it whenever you want by pressing R3.
      - Some visual flaws fixed.

      1.13 change log:

      - Experimenting with new ways to play videos.
      - Fixed an error when you cut a folder, advance, paste and then try to go back.

      1.12 change log:

      - Changed the Title ID.
      - Updated the PS4_Tools.dll for better and accurate info.
      - Added the Dutch translation.
      - Some bugs fixed.

      1.11 change log:

      - Changed the keyboard handmade by the native keyboard of PS4.
      - Fixed some bugs with the text encoding in flat text files.

      1.10 change log:

      - Supported lower firmwares besides 5.05 (4.55, 4.75, 5.01)
      - Supported read info from .sfo and .pkg files.
      - Supported .dds images.
      - Fixed some Polish phraces.

      1.09 change log:

      - Support to .json files as flat text.
      - Added the Persian translation.
      - Added the Russian translation.
      - Added the Turkish translation.
      - Added the Polish translation.
      - Added the Swedish translation.
      - Added the Catalan translation.
      - Added the Danish translation.
      - Added the Greek translation.
      - Added the Indonesian translation.
      - Fixed some Chinese characters.

      1.08 change log:

      - Language selection screen (this will show only the first time you open the application). If you want to change the language later, go to [Settings]>[Application Saved Data Management] and delete the PS4-Xplorer saves.
      - When you move backward in the folders, the app remembers the folder where it comes from.
      - Finished the Advance Menu translations.
      - More bugs fixed.

      1.07 change log:
      - New Instruction page design.
      - Added notification sound when cut/copy and paste finish.
      - Added error sound when some error happens.
      - New Folder option.
      - Slow down the speed a bit, and a little more in the opciones menu.
      - Super speed to move. Hold L2 pressed and move with DPad or Analog Stick.
      - Advances Options menu (Hold L2 pressed + triangle to show it) to Activate FTP (port 21) and Full R/W over system folders (danger, be careful !)
      - Some keyboard bugs fixed (maybe there are still some more to fix).

      1.06 change log:
      • - Add the file multi-selection option and select all (files only for now). Press R1 to mark files and start the multiselection. You can press R1 again to unmark the files.
      • - L1 to cancel the multiselection. The multiselection will cancel if you abandon the actual folder too.
      • - Press R1 over a file while you hold down R2 to Select All the files in the actual folder.
      • - Ghosting files when cut like the real MS Windows Explorer.
      • - Some bug fix.
      1.05 change log:
      • - change the name to PS4-Xplorer.
      • - black list the folder "/dev" and "mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/" to avoid problems. The options in these folders will not be opened.
      • - mark in green the folders towards the usb to facilitate the way to the less advanced users.
      • - shortcut to usb0 with Left DPad and to usb1 with Right DPad.
      • - support to .xml files as flat text.
      • - added the Chinese translation.
      • - added the Arabic translation.
      • - added the Vietnamese translation.
      1.04 change log:
      • - show the file size in Kb, Mb or Gb.
      1.03 change log:
      • - added the France translation.
      • - added the German translation.
      • - added the Ukrainian translation.
      • - added the Italian translation
      • - fix some Japanese characters.
      1.02 change log:
      • - added the Japanese translation.
      1.01 change log:
      • - prevent the application from freezing when a cut/copy/paste error occurs.
      • - added the Portuguese translation.
      1.00 change log:
      • - initial release with spanish and english translation.

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      image by @DouglasSampai15
      Image by Mr_Xtrax505
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