PS4 PS4-Xplorer (File Manager) v1.17

basic operations of a file explorer (cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files and complete folders)

  1. PS4-Xplorer v1.11

    v1.07-1.11 Changelogs:

    1.11 change log:

    - changed the keyboard handmade by the native keyboard of PS4.
    - fixed some bugs with the text encoding in flat text files.

    1.10 change log:

    - supported lower firmwares besides 5.05 (4.55, 4.75, 5.01)
    - supported read info from .sfo and .pkg files.
    - supported .dds images.
    - fixed some Polish phraces.

    1.09 change log:

    - support to .json files as flat text.
    - added the Persian translation.
    - added the Russian translation.
    - added the Turkish translation.
    - added the Polish translation.
    - added the Swedish translation.
    - added the Catalan translation.
    - added the Danish translation.
    - added the Greek translation.
    - added the Indonesian translation.
    - fixed some Chinese characters.

    1.08 change log:

    - Language selection screen (this will show only the first time you open the application). If you want to change the language later, go to [Settings]>[Application Saved Data Management] and delete the PS4-Xplorer saves.
    - When you move backward in the folders, the app remembers the folder where it comes from.
    - Finished the Advance Menu translations.
    - More bugs fixed.

    1.07 change log:

    - New Instruction page design.
    - Added notification sound when cut/copy and paste finish.
    - Added error sound when some error happens.
    - New Folder option.
    - Slow down the speed a bit, and a little more in the opciones menu.
    - Super speed to move. Hold L2 pressed and move with DPad or Analog Stick.
    - Advances Options menu (Hold L2 pressed + triangle to show it) to Activate FTP (port 21) and Full R/W over system folders (danger, be careful !)
    - Some keyboard bugs fixed (maybe there are still some more to fix).
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