PS4 PS4NES v1.01

NES Emulator for PS4 (based on laiNES)

  1. STLcardsWS

    by m0rph3us1987

    • Notes & Features:
      • NES select buttons has been mapped to ps4 touchpad button.
      • Rom folder can be configured in /mnt/usb0/ps4nes/config.json
      • Rom list can now be scrolled using d-pad.
      • PAL Roms work fine,
      • NTSC Roms are a little slower because of the different clockrate of the NTSC NES.

      How to use?
      1) Copy the ps4nes folder on the root of your usb drive.
      2) Change "roms_path" in config.json to the location where your roms are.
      3) Install pkg on ps4 and have fun ;)

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