PS3 PSN Liberator v1.0

Convert your PSN format games to ISO format (useful for viewing and mounting from a manager)

  1. Rudi Rastelli


      • Speed it up once more
      • Added 'GAME FOLDER'-button to create a [TitleID]-folder for direct installation to 'dev_hdd0/game/'
      • Added Progress Bar
      • Added Drag&Drop
      • Improved and polished GUI
      • Some Bugs fixed
      • Added 'Tipps' section to README
      • May be lot of other things i can't remember

    • PSN Liberator - Changelogs

      V 1.0
      - Speed it up once more
      - Added 'GAME FOLDER'-button to create a [TitleID]-folder for direct installation to 'dev_hdd0/game/'
      - Added Progress Bar
      - Added Drag&Drop
      - Improved and polished GUI
      - Some Bugs fixed
      - Added 'Tipps' section to README

      v 0.96B
      - Exchanged 'PKGView' and 'pkgtool' with 'PS3P PKG Ripper' to speed things up

      v 0.95.2
      - Removed some debug code
      - Workaround for 'PKGView' path-length restriction

      v 0.95.1
      - Bug fixing

      v 0.95B

      - Bug fixing... Should improve success rate slightly

      v 0.94B
      - Now you can add (dev_)klicensees you've found yourself to "my_klics.txt" in "Tools"-subfolder

      v 0.93B
      - Added option to select 3.55- or 4.21-resigning

      v 0.92B
      - some bug fixing

      - fixed a small bug in gui

    • Features in PSN Liberator since Version 1.0
      • Converts your purchased PSN-content, like Games, PS1- PS2-Classics, DLCs, Minis, Themes and Avatars that normally needs activation.
      • As input you can either use PKG-Files or copied "/dev_hdd0/games/[GameID]"-folders
      • Optional integration of game-updates, unlock-PKGs/EDATs and DLCs
      • Converts PSN-games into disc-games (folder- or ISO- format)
      • Resigns all PSN-content to 3.55
      • Automatic and manual conversion of "*.rif" to "*.rap" files
      • Create a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc with the liberated PSN Contents.
      • Create a "PS2-Classics-Placeholder" rap-file

    • How to use PSN Liberator
      1. Start LIBERATOR and follow assistent to the point to set up LIBERATOR for 1st use
      Note: You can use the "PSN CONTENT"-folder from the LIBERATOR's program directory. It's a possible folder structure just for to show you how to get started... Just copy it elsewhere to follow the "How-To-Use"-Example (see below)​


      1. You need a fully installed, activated and updated PSN-game on your PS3. DLCs could be installed as well(they must be activated)
      (Most likely you already have a such a game on your PS3... else got to PSN-store and buy one)

      2. Find out the "GameID" of the game and search in "/dev_hdd0/games/" for a folder with exactly the name of that "GameID"
      Copy that folder to "PSN CONTENT\LOCKED\PSN GAMES\"

      3. Now enter "/dev_hdd0/home/0000000x/exdata/" and search for
      a) all "*.rif"-files with the "GameID" in it's name and copy them to "PSN CONTENT\RIFsRAPs"
      b) an "*.edat"-file with the "GameID" in it's name and copy it to "PSN CONTENT\UNLOCKS"
      (Not all games have "*.rif"- AND "*.edat"-files... often games have only one type)
      TIP: At 1st time just copy over all RIFs and EDATs you'll find.

      4. Set up in LIBERATORs main menu:
      a) "PSN Game Folder" = "PSN CONTENT\LOCKED\PSN GAMES\[GameID]\"
      b) "PSN Game Unlock File" = "PSN CONTENT\UNLOCKS\****[GameID]****.edat" (only if you've found an *.edat" for your game)

      5. Press Button:
      a) "GAME FOLDER" -> Creates a liberated [TitleID]-folder for direct installation to 'dev_hdd0/game/' (see Tips)
      b) "PKG" -> Creates a liberated PKG-File
      c) "DISC FOLDER" -> Creates a liberated Disc-Game-Folder
      d) "ISO" -> Creates a liberated ISO-File

    • Notes:
      • To get Update-PKGs for each game u can use my PS3 GAME UPDATER

      • Sometimes an additional Unlock-PKG-File will be created. Install it to finally liberate the game. You can 1st try the liberated game without that Unlock-PKG-File installed. Not all games need them. Just try !

      • If you like you can add (dev_)klics you've found yourself to "my_klics.txt"(located in "Tools"-subfolder).

      • Not all PSN-games will work when they are converted to disc. It's a matter of TRY & ERROR ! (Sometimes it works without problems, sometimes it doesn't work at all, sometimes with freezes/errors/glitches)

      • The icon("ICON0.PNG") of every processed content will be saved in "[LIBERATOR Programmverzeichnis]\GameIconCache\"-folder as "[GameID].PNG". This will most likely shorten the creation of a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc with "Bubble"-Game-Icons.

      • While creating a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc just drag&drop the PKG-Files, which should be included in the disc. Then arrange them to your likings. Create disc as game-folder or ISO.

      • If you've selected to use "Bubbles" with game-icons LIBERATOR will 1st search in "[LIBERATOR Programmverzeichnis]\GameIconCache\" for a "[GameID].PNG"-file. If it's not there it will extract the PKG-file to get the "ICON0.PNG". This could take a long time. To avoid this you can add game-icons maunally to "GameIconCache". Just name them "[GameID].PNG".

      • Keep in mind that a "Bubble"-PKG-Install-Disc can get really big depending on the number of and size of the PKG-Files you've added.

      • Don't update liberated games online or offline !... else they will be locked again !

      • I strongly advice to NOT put the "PSN CONTENT"-directory to deep into sub-directorys, because 'PKGView' does not like very long paths and then tends to create an exception.

    • Tips:
      With latest webMAN_MOD you can dump (Dev_)Klicensees:
      A) Enter "/klic.ps3?log" at 'CUSTOM COMBO'
      B) Start Game and press 'PS'-button to call the In-Game-XMB-Menu. Here u press 'R2+[]' for about 1-2 seconds. This dumps the '(Dev_)Klicensee' to "dev_hdd0/klic.log"
      Repeat this step for as many games as u like
      C) Copy "klic.log" to PC.
      D) Use "Import 'klic.log' to 'my_klics.txt'" in Liberator's Extra Menu​

      Whenever bruteforce approach to obtain Dev_Klicensee fails Liberator prompts you to enter it manually.
      At this time a decrypted EBOOT.BIN(=EBOOT.ELF) should be available in 'Tools'-subdirectory.​

      Reduce installation time and disc-space for archivation:
      A) Liberate Game(s) as 'GAME FOLDER'
      B) Install Game(s): Copy the resulting [TitleID]-folder(s) to 'dev_hdd0/game/'. Then run 'Rebuild Database' from PS3 recovery mode.
      C) Archive Game(s): Pack the resulting [TitleID]-folder(s) with a packer of your choise(eg WinRAR).​
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