PS3 PSNpatch 2017.02/B

A PS3 Homebrew App or Plugin that disables CFW for a safer PSN experience on CFW.

  1. PSNpatch 2017.01/A

    • Added support for multiple controller ports including PS3 Media Remote;
    • Updated syscalls cleaning list to include syscalls 15,200,201,202,203 and 204
      The full list of LV2 syscalls disabled by PSNPatch is now: 6,7,8,9,10,11,15,20,35,36,200,201,202,203,204
    • Includes webman-mod 1.45.07 lite version for cobra and non-cobra systems (for optional installation).
      More than 1 year (october 2015) since the last change. And PSNPatch is still compatible with every firmware version (CEX)!
      Following some users requests, changes were made to support the PS3 Media Remote in the application and updating the list of "cleanable" CFW syscalls.
      So, here it is the first 2017 version.
      If anyone has anything to report or an improvement request, please use the psx-place forum:
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