PS3 PSNpatch 2017.02/B

A PS3 Homebrew App or Plugin that disables CFW for a safer PSN experience on CFW.

  1. PSNPATCH 2017.02/B

    • NEW HOMEBREW BLOCKER for PSNPatch plugin (read full usage details in docs);
    • Homebrew Blocker configurable trough PSNPatch main app TOOLBOX;
    • Instructions heavily updated to incorporate homebrew blocker - read them before placing questions !
    • Source code from the homebrew blocker module included with PSNPatch official distribution.
    • Source code for the PSN Servers lock module included in PSNPatch official distribution.
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  2. PSNpatch 2017.01/A

    • Added support for multiple controller ports including PS3 Media Remote;
    • Updated syscalls cleaning list to include syscalls 15,200,201,202,203 and 204
      The full list of LV2 syscalls disabled by PSNPatch is now: 6,7,8,9,10,11,15,20,35,36,200,201,202,203,204
    • Includes webman-mod 1.45.07 lite version for cobra and non-cobra systems (for optional installation).
      More than 1 year (october 2015) since the last change. And PSNPatch is...