VITA / PS TV PSP Homebrew Browser 0.9b

A HENkaku application to help installing PSP homebrew (HB) to PSPEMU to run under Adrenaline.

  1. kozarovv
    PSP Homebrew Browser


    • Current Features (as v0.9b):

      • Download and install PSP homebrew directly on your PS Vita.
      • Download que, will handle downloads and installs for you while you're browsing.
      • Install to ux0 or ur0 pspemu directories.
      • Background data retrieval for a smooth browsing experience.
      • Preview galleries with homebrew information.
      • Direct switching to Vita Homebrew Browser.

    • Database:

      The PSPHBB database will contain more HB as they are tested. It is relatively small at the moment but i have the next 3 days off which i will be using to test HB and add entries. Expect quite a few additions over the weekend.
      You can request the addition of Homebrew not currently in the database and not currently being tested by submitting a request to the git repository 'Homebrew Request' section.

    • Storage Access:

      PSPHBB requires access to both ux0:pspemu/ & ur0:pspemu/ directories for HB installation and as a result will require 'Enable Unsafe Homebrew'' to be marked under Settings -> HENkaku Settings.
      Icon and preview images are retrieved asynchronously and stored under ux0:data/PSPHbBrowser/. Initial retrieval of these assets may be slow depending on your connection speed. Further loading of these assets will be super-duper turbo fast.

    • Feature requests:

      If you would like to see any other features in the future, leave a Feature Request over on the git repository. Being a community application i am more than happy to take on reasonable features.

    • These are the features currently in development.

      - PSP plugin category (download and installation of PSP plugins).
      - Support for HB --> ARK installation.
      - Homebrew Manager (remove, move or clone HB on ux0 & ur0).
      - Launch Homebrew from HB preview galleries.
      - Option to create a Vita bubble shortcut for selected HB (Adrenaline).
      - Homebrew quick search.
      - DB auto update for Retroarch nightlies.
      - Download Que progress info.
      - Install notifications.
      - Gamepad control for PS Vita-TV.


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