VITA / PS TV PSP PKG Depackager 3.0

A simple tool to extract PSP/PS1 PKG files for eCFW & PSP systems

  1. atreyu187
    This is a homebrew to install PSN PSP pkgs on the PSP.
    pkgs should be placed at ms0:/pkg/, if that folder does not exist, then create it.

    place included homebrew on your PSP.
    ms0:/PSP/GAME/PSP depackager/EBOOT.PBP

    This homebrew only supports installing PSP retail pkgs and files, PS3/debug pkgs are not supported.

    boring info, v1 and v2 uses the MagicGate hardware for the AES crypto,
    no idea about any benefits/disadvantages with it compared to the kirk engine.

    Thanks to @ReRepRep for the idea.

    Now uses software AES crypto (not kirk), so it should be ePSP compatible too.
    Added KEYS.BIN extraction for PS1 pkgs.
    Initial release.