PSP pspDISP (version 0.6) 2016-08-22

pspDISP (use PSP as a PC display or remote) -Jochen Schleu

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    -by Jochen Schleu​

    • This program enables the use of a Playstation Portable as an additional monitor in Windows.
      You can also remotely send keyboard and mouse commands to the PC.
      The newest version implements sound streaming, too.

    • v0.6
      New features:
      - settings can be saved in "presets"
      - multiple instances of PSPdisp can be started to connect more than one PSP in WLAN mode
      - support for Wake-On-Lan
      - WLAN LED can be switched off

      Bug fixes:
      - not being able to restart USB mode on 6.20 TN-C
      - backlight turning off completely in USB power save mode instead of dimming on new PSP models
      - freezing when changing PC settings from the PSP while in USB mode with libusb
      - fixed 12 hour clock display
      - various other fixes

      New features on the PSP:
      - support for Half Byte Loader, but with these limitations
      -- only WLAN mode usable, no USB mode
      -- image streaming is about 30-50 % slower than on Custom Firmware
      -- audio sample rates other than 44 kHz not available on all firmwares
      -- screen brightness cannot be changed through the menu
      -- HOME button must be pressed twice for the menu to appear

      New features on the PC:
      - libusb driver updated to the latest version, it now works on 64 bit systems with active driver signature enforcement

      New features on the PSP:
      - new menu system
      - all options can be customized in the menu
      - it is now possible to switch between WLAN and USB mode without restarting the game
      - up to 5 server IP addresses can be stored
      - more CPU speed options
      - screen brightness can be fully customized
      - most PC settings can now be changed from the PSP

      New features on the PC:
      - WLAN and USB mode can be enabled at the same time
      - new option for scaling the mouse cursor
      - new viewport sizes for magnifying the screen content (2x, 4x, 8x)
      - basic password system for WLAN mode
      - restructured menu with less submenus
      - display driver now working on 32 and 64 Bit Vista / 7 (Aero Glass theme will be disabled)
      - audio streaming now possible in SideShow mode and when display streaming is disabled
      - audio sample rate can now be configured (11 kHz, 22 kHz and 44 kHz)
      - new option for less CPU intensive, but also less pretty image stretching
      - new control file option for simulating a double click

      Bug fixes:
      - restored functionality on 3.71 M33 and 5.50 GEN-B
      - various other small fixes

      New features:
      - new USB driver based on WinUSB, that is compatible with 64 Bit versions of Windows (no driver signature check problem)
      - previous libusb based USB driver still supported
      - new audio recording mode for Vista / Windows 7 which uses software loopback, no longer requiring a "Stereomix" or "What you hear" device
      - increased USB transfer speeds (60 fps reachable with all compression quality settings)
      - new "Uncompressed" quality mode, doesn't apply any compression to the images resulting in less CPU load and best image quality
      - PSP CPU speed now configurable for USB mode
      - increased character limit for the IP address / server name dialog
      - IP address is now also shown on the WLAN tab of the options window
      - audio streaming can now be completely disabled in case of problems
      - new option to hide the mouse cursor on inactivity
      - new control file option for analog mouse cursor movement with the analog stick
      - added intaller option for creating a Windows-Firewall exception for PSPdisp

      Bug fixes:
      - CPU speed control for WLAN mode fixed
      - fixed WLAN timeout problem mentioned in the v0.3 known issues
      - PSPdisp now stays in SideShow mode when the screen resolution or geometry changes
      - various interface bugs fixed
      - rapidly enabling/disabling or attaching/detaching of the PSP in USB mode would trigger an exception

      New features:
      - SideShow driver for Vista and Windows 7
      - speed improvements / CPU load reduction
      - CPU load reduction (down to 0 % without screen changes) when using the PSPdisp display driver
      - rotation is now performed on the PSP, no increase in CPU load on the PC
      - quality and delay settings now customizable through the UI
      - completely revamped Wlan mode (switched server to the PC, can now recover from a lost connection etc.)
      - added option to disable display streaming (only transmitting controls)
      - new option to always switch the PSP display to the screen containing the mouse cursor
      - new control file command to display an onscreen keyboard for entering text on the PSP
      - new control file command to display the PSPdisp menu at the current mouse position
      - added support for the assignment of key combinations to PSP buttons (e.g. ALT+F4 can be mapped to one button)
      - various settings regarding PSP power saving in USB mode (turning off screen, reducing clock speed, etc. after a user defined idle timeout)
      - PSP clockspeed can be configured for Wireless LAN mode (default, 111, 222, 333 Mhz)
      - all user defined files (configuration data and control files) now stored in the application data path
      - experimental audio streaming

      Bug fixes:
      - case of analog stick movements not being registered
      - the two longest delay settings are now clickable
      - "grab transparent windows" now actually works (only for 480x272 viewport)

      Known issues:
      - there are cases where the PSP waits for a Wlan timeout infinitly, making it seem to hang without any message (always fixed by restarting the PSP game, often fixed by turning the Wlan switch off and on again)
      - audio will stutter if data cannot be transmitted fast enough either because of the network conditions or low PC specs
      - some applications issue drawing commands without apparent screen changes, in that case there is no CPU load reduction available when using the PSPdisp display driver

      New features:
      - can now mirror any existing display
      - works on 64 bit systems now
      - display driver for Windows XP x64
      - display driver supports several display modes from 480x272 to 1920x1080
      - all resolutions also available rotated by 90° (portrait mode)
      - additional "Follow mouse" mode
      - selectable viewport size for "Follow mouse" and "Static" view
      - viewport may be rotated by 90, 180 or 270 degree
      - reacts on display settings changes, no restart necessary
      - multi-threaded, opening the menue will no longer freeze the display
      - PSP can be unplugged and replugged while PSPdisp is enabled
      - added option to automatically enable PSPdisp when the PSP is plugged in
      - installer can now copy the game files to the PSP
      - mapping mouse and keyboard buttons to the PSP controls
      - experimental Wlan support

      Bug fixes:
      - installer bug marking the display driver for uninstall
      - stuttering display on some usb chipsets
      - "libusb0.dll not found" error when the usb driver is only preinstalled
      - display miniport driver failing to load on Windows 2000 (Thanks Raul!)
      - failure to retrieve the display positions when enabling the PSPdisp display the first time

      Known issues:
      - if the Wlan connection is interrupted it will hang the PSP and Windows application
      - enabling PSP control may interfere with mouse and keyboard operation
      Initial release.

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