PS2 Qbert [2014.04.02]

Playstation 2 remake of "Q*bert by ps2devman

  1. kozarovv
    Nowy obraz mapy bitowej (5).png

    • [2014.04.02]
      Adapted in order to use Left Joypad and compile with 32-Bit Linux latest PS2SDK by doctorxyz (due to an imnsonia night).
      All credits and aplauses should go to ps2devman!

      This is the assembly of :
      main.c //remake of "Q*bert" (graphics handled by wonderful gsKit library)
      system.c/.h //calls initialization routines & provides compatibility with pbKit
      irx_data.c/.h //common encapsulated irx's taken from SMS source (see sms.txt)
      pad.c/.h //taken from SMS source (see sms.txt)
      iop_init.c/.h //taken from SMS source (see sms.txt)
      ee_init.c/.h //taken from SMS source (see sms.txt)
      exception.c/.s //taken from PS2Link sources (see ps2link.txt)
      license.txt //AFL license
      'Magic biases' from Jbit have been used for high quality texture mapping
      ( )
      This source also can act as a minimal starter kit for people interested in gsKit.

      (just a ps2dev library happy user)

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