PS2 Rad Host Client (1.8a) SMS / uLE HOST-Compatible 2018-03-15

GUI version of ps2client for the HOST file system (Run / Transfer files between PC and PS2) -radad1

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    -by radad1

    • This GUI (PC-Side) Client allows linking your PC, with a PS2 console...
      It provides the ability to play multimedia-content (from PC-attached-storage), directly on your PS2, when combined with SMS (Simple Media System).

      It also gives you the ability, to transfer files to/from the PS2, and DIRECTLY from your PCs-Desktop, when combined with uLaunchELFs "HOST" feature...
      Without disconnecting HDD, or constantly swapping your USB-device back and forth.

      As an added bonus, the Transfer-Speeds are FAR-greater than using the PS2s native USB 1.1 ports, for transferring data. :)

      Your PS2s-"IP" for this Client:

    • NEW:

      It automatically RE-connects to the PS2...
      So, as you switch between uLaunchELF and SMS, it will automatically attempt to reconnect.

      Automatically add inserted CD / DVD discs and USB drives to the ROOT-Virtual-Filesystem.

      You can also edit labels after dropping them in.

      Supports Writing, Deleting and Renaming.

      Minimize-to-tray now implemented (with color-changing-ICON which shows the connected-status).

    • Rad Host Client is a GUI-tool to provide the PC-Side of the PS2 "HOST" Filesystem-Protocol.

      radad1 has written this to make it easier to use than the ps2client for people who simply want to use it with PS2 software such as uLaunchELF and SMS.

      It uses a "Virtual Filesystem" for the ROOT-Directory.
      Just drag and drop files and directories onto the main window.
      These will appear in the first level of the HOST-Filesystem.

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